Mineral County Court Report

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Oct. 17, Brenda Joyce Andrews, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 16, Leona Jo Barr, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 15, Paul Ryan Burdick, speeding

Oct. 15, John Olson Carpenter, seatbelt violation and expired registration

Oct. 16, Vasile Coragau, reckless driving 1st offense

Oct. 15, Ronald William Dove, fail to use retractable Axle

Oct. 15, Christina Louise Gustave, operating with expired registration

Oct. 14, Mykalah H. Jacob, improper pass

Oct. 15, Cody Douglas Klinge, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 14, Anthony Roy Montano, Jr., speeding

Oct. 19, Anna Gates Nimmick, seatbelt violation

Oct. 16, Sandi Twomey Obrien, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 15, John Allen Michael Raskovich, improper registration

Oct. 18, Mark Robert Swearingen, no special permit

Oct. 15, Makayla Jean Tamietti, careless driving

Oct. 16, Yohanes Beraki Tekie, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 26, Lona Alisa Ashby, speeding

Oct. 23, Anthony Joseph Chatelois, driving without CDL license

Oct. 22, Matthew Lee Copenhaver, speeding

Oct. 23, Jarod Don Daniels, driving with suspended license, no insurance and seatbelt violation

Oct. 2, Sarah Rachael Grinnell, no insurance

Oct. 23, Spencer W. Hall, speeding

Oct. 23, John William Hampton, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 25, Richard Bentley Hensley, no insurance

Oct. 22, Theresa Dawn Heuberger, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 23, Fawn Harmony Hitchcock, no insurance

Oct. 26, Michael Clark Hurd, no registration

Oct. 23, Andrew Wallace Kersten, speeding

Oct. 23, Jesse Luck Kidwell, speeding, 2 counts

Oct. 23, Anna Ivanovna Kirilovich, speeding

Oct. 23, Bridgett Leann Kovalsky, speeding

Oct. 25, Calina Marie Lafferty, violation in a construction zone and no liability insurance

Oct. 23, Zhenghao Li, speeding

Oct. 23, David Bryan Lowell, fail to purchase trip permit

Oct. 22, Lisa Cheryl MacDonald, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 21, Nicole S. McClean, speeding

Oct. 23, James Edward McNeal, log not current

Oct. 19, Anna Gates Nimmick, seatbelt violation

Oct. 22, Michael Alan Nisbet, careless driving

Oct. 25, Nathan D. Nixon, speeding

Oct. 23, William James Nooney, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 23, Kyle Llewellyn Parisi, speeding

Oct. 23, Rogelio Ponce, exceed 34,000 lbs tandem axle

Oct. 22, Kenneth A. Rigg, no log book

Oct. 26, Mary Elizabeth Robertson, speeding

Oct. 23, Michael Steve Rosbarsky, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 23, Dennis Gary Schuster, seatbelt violation

Oct. 23, Jeffrey John Sheppard, expired registration

Oct. 19, David Richard Sibert, speeding

Oct. 23, Oleksii Skoryk, careless driving

Oct. 23, Briana Candice Sololmon, speeding

Oct. 23, Vicki Ann Stansbury, expired registration

Oct. 22, Leah Roseanne Taylor, turning when unsafe to do so

Oct. 23, Corey L. Troftgruben, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 23, Clint Joseph Voll, seatbelt violation

Oct. 22, James Raymond Watts, operate in excess of gross vehicle weight license

Oct. 23, Jedidias Jeremiah Welch, speeding

Oct. 23, Gary Joseph Yeager, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 9, William Lee Caldwell, no insurance and no drivers license

Oct. 9, Josejuan Rutledge Carrillo, basic rule reasonable and prudent

Oct. 10, Kindy Lee Clarke, careless driving

Oct. 9, Linda Louise Davis, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 12, Melana Raye Falcon, seatbelt violation, 2 counts

Oct. 8, Tiffani Hundt Gallatin, speeding

Oct. 11, Melissa Lashay George, driving without CDL

Oct. 9, Paige Lee Goodman, no registration, expired registration and operating vehicle with obscured/tinted rear lights

Oct. 11, Dani S. Hooper, speeding

Oct. 9, Amit Kumar, no special permit

Oct. 9, William Patrick Lowney, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 11, Tianli Ma, speeding

Oct. 10, Athina Catherine Pham, careless driving

Oct. 9, Charles Robert Robbs, expired registration

Oct. 5, Sonja Johanna Tollefson, no license

Oct. 12, Ruby Deshayla Tulley, speeding and suspended license

Deferred Imposition

Oct. 23, Jason Douglas French, assault

Oct. 23, Elizabeth G. Gotcher, careless driving

Oct. 22, Joshua Laurie Rice, no liability insurance

Oct. 5, Brady Joseph Pace, violation in a construction zone


Oct. 9, Jakiee Isabel Sanchez-Vasquez, no license and careless driving

Oct. 11, Courtney J. Marks, child not properly restrained and no insurance

Oct. 11, Kevin Michael Branch, no drivers license

Oct. 22, Joshua Laurie Rice, seatbelt violation

Oct. 23, Thomas Joseph Wallace, stop sign violation

Oct. 24, Brian K. Pierce, expired registration and suspended license

Oct. 25, Jennifer Leigh McNair, no insurance

Oct. 23, Danial Thomas Fricke, no insurance

Oct. 23, Yevgen Yuriyovych Dykyy, fail to obey direction to be weighed

Oct. 25, Sharon Lee Corbin, careless driving and failure to give notice of accident and possession of marijuana

Oct. 15, Brandon lee Robert Dana, theft

Oct. 18, Michael Lawrence Kelsey, expired registration and driving with suspended license

Oct. 16, Jo Ellen Stuart, DUI 1st offense

Oct. 15, Joseph Allen Winkler, no insurance and expired registration

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