Montana Aussie Adventures with Erin-Jay

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Itís beginning to heat up in Sanders County, and I am starting to notice not only more people down the banks of the Clark Fork River but also a few people taking advantage of beginning to float the river.

Last week was a great time to continue to soak up the vitamin D from the sun as I got out and about.

I also had the pleasure of taking my new editor around to meet some of the locals here in Plains one afternoon. Donít worry if you didnít get a chance to meet Joe Sova, as he will be back, but you can have a read about him as we officially welcome him to the Clark Fork Valley Press.

Though I was out and about for a few days here in the county, I also had the opportunity to saddle up and head out of the county to explore a little of Montana.

As most of you know I donít get away all too often; thatís mainly because you guys keep me fairly busy with all the amazing events you host.

However, like I said, I had the opportunity to head out and explore a little. I headed south down I-90 to a mateís ranch and can now say I have driven across the Continental Divide! That, my friends, is pretty cool to me.

As I trekked out of Sanders County and even out of Missoula County, this state once again took my breath away. I love the changing landscape and how even the mountains and hills change so majestically under the clear big blue skyline. I was pleasantly surprised to see what I have heard so many of you tell me about over the last year. I also got a glimpse to see where some of our local high school teams travel to during the sports seasons.

Going back to

my roots

Though that was fantastic to experience, for me it wasnít the highlight. The highlight for me was to go back to my roots and bring out the cowgirl in me.

Some of us have spoken about it, for those that I havenít spoken with; my roots of rural reporting and love of agriculture go back to my college days where I went to the Burdekin Agricultural College. After that, I worked on some of Australiaís most historic cattle stations, such as Newcastle Waters Station in the Northern Territory.

So there I was on my ďweekend,Ē headed up into the mountains to find a mob (group) of cattle and do some fencing. Now you may think Iím a little batty at getting excited to go fencing, but trust me, itís a job that I do enjoy.

I love getting out and about with horses and cattle, even fencing. Anything that is involved with ranch life I just can never get enough of.

After a morning of checking out some fantastic mountain ranges, we all headed back to the ranch and had some lunch and a quick spell before bringing in some cattle to draft.

Again, I was so excited to jump in and just work. Itís been a few years since I had the pleasure of working and drafting cattle but I tell you it just never leaves you.

Out of nowhere, I realized I went into automatic mode and had a ball with my mate and his dad.

We ended up drafting off around 58 heifers and set them up in the yards for the night so we could truck them to a new paddock the next morning.

Out under the sun

I just canít explain that feeling I get from getting out under the sun, dirt under the nails and just getting in a good honest dayís work.

Donít get me wrong, I still am madly in love with the mountain ranges of Sanders County and cannot wait to show my family when they arrive in just under a month.

Thatís right guys, my family is finally making the flight over from Down Under to the Big Sky State, and I am just a little excited.

Even better is now I can honestly say we will be getting a ďmini Aussie invasion.Ē They will be here for a few weeks, and will also check out some other great places around Montana.

I feel as though after last weekís adventure I can honestly tell them they wonít be disappointed ≠ó no matter where they go to explore.

I am also excited to add a few more counties to my list of where I have been. Checking out new places, making new friends and getting back to my roots is something I am always thankful for; it really doesnít get much better in my book.

So thank you, Sanders County, for always lining up the stars to invigorate me to jump on a new adventure ≠≠ó n≠≠o matter where it may take me.

Until next week, stay amazing and I shall see you at one of the many summer events around the countyÖHooRoo

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