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A lot can happen in a year. For me, I was living in Arizona, and as of June 27, 2017, I was in Montana.

Thatís right readers, itís been a whole year since I began at the Valley Press, and I canít believe it has come around so quickly.

I have reflected much on the last year, where I came from and where I have gone, what I have achieved; and letís say there was more than I realized.

Though, I waited my time before heading to the university to gain a degree. My first year out of my degree has been both magical and adventurous in the same.

Selling up what I owned, jumping a plane, and evidently landing in Montana two months after the fact, it still blows my mind that I am here in the Northwest.

Thankful as always, because I have met so many of you that sometimes itís hard to keep up. The stories I tell friends and family back home is something I really enjoy as they are always wondering what I am doing and what wonderful people I have met.

I have become a fan of the mountains, and have seen so many landscapes change here as the seasons do; but itís those moments that I try and take a photo - though as weíve discussed in the past, photos do not do this countryside justice at the best of times.

Slowly, though, I am discovering new places, new experiences and as the summer months come, I am very much counting down to a few summer favorites and some expected highlights.

The last week I also received an email from my mum back home, that was a thread email from some of the lectures and administration from James Cook University (as I am an alumnus) congratulating me on my recent wins with the MNAs.

I must say, this was a huge achievement for me and I am still on ďcloud nine,Ē as at one stage I was fortunate enough to have been highlighted as a representative for the university for three different marketing promotions. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would achieve what I have in the last 12 months so quickly.

Having some of those ladies remember me and for me to look at the words they said was an overwhelming experience that reminded me of my goals when they had interviewed me for these media marketing campaigns. As some of those goals I have ticked off the list now, I continue to strive to complete the rest.

In one short year I have become one step closer, one step closer to my ultimate goals; so if nothing else to those readers who are looking to achieve greatness donít worry it will happen. You may not be in the place you are now, you may be on the other side of the country or the world, but hard work pays off.

Another little bit of excitement that I received this past week was a young junior barrel racer back home in Australia I use to sponsor got a fantastic win at a local barrel race. Without going into great detail, she won the Maturity event held at my hometown rodeo grounds.

Miss Kelsey rode her horse Slider to the big win and I couldnít be more proud of the competitor that she has turned into.

On top of that, I was also approached to write about another pro rodeo athlete that is from home, a living legend in the barrel racing world. Those that I have had great conversations with about my love of rodeo will understand that itís a great honor to have a pro athlete approach you for some help.

Not to forget I was able to farewell young Jack McAllister as he headed to the Junior National Finals Rodeo in South Dakota. The sport of rodeo and by extension the rodeo family rolls world wide and I hope this young cowboy comes back with a big win for his budding career in the rodeo arena.

With so much coming up this summer, I am so excited to see Sanders County in new ways, and of course, be able to show my family some of your countryside come this August.

So all I can do now is keep discovering the wonders and countryside, meet more of our readers as I get out and about, and of course, continue to tell my friends and family around the world they need to get to the Northwest of the mighty four-oh-six to experience what I do on a daily basis.

Thanks again for all the memories; until next week Sanders CountyÖHooRoo.

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