Alberton Student Spotlight: Emmah Baughman

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Emmah Baughman

Full name: Emmah Baughman

Age: 17 Years in Alberton: 8

Graduation: May 17, 2020

Plans following graduation? After graduation I plan to attend Montana State University Billings to major in Human Services and minor in Criminal Justice.

Favorite subject or teacher in school and why? I would say my favorite subject in school is my online college writing class. I have always enjoyed English and writing the most and I particularly enjoy this class because while we are learning about writing we are also learning about what is happening in the world and how to talk about it. The discussions and articles we read in class are just super interesting to me.

What was your first car, and how did you get it? My first car was a Chevy car and my dad gave it to me about a year ago as a birthday present.

Growing up did you get an allowance? When I was growing up I did not get an allowance, but my parents would sometimes give me money to buy a toy I wanted or small things like that.

Who was your best friend growing up? Favorite thing you did together? My best friend growing up was Sam Clevenger and my favorite thing we did together was play sports together. We were the only girls in my class to plays sports and it was really fun because we both loved sports a lot.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? When I was growing up I wanted to be a nurse, but now I want to be a social worker. I have always wanted a job that helps people.

What jobs have you had? A few summers ago I worked as a dishwasher at the River Edge and now I work at Valley Grocery, the grocery store in Alberton.

What would you say is the “American Dream” for your generation? For my generation I would say the “American Dream” is being able to surpass and overcome the difficulties we have in life to become successful and achieve a high well being. I think every generation has different struggles and in mine social media plays a huge role in that. I think growing up with social media my generation tends to see other people doing great things and being successful and think they cannot be as successful as them.

Have you had a first date? For teenagers today what does a “date” look like? I have had my first date. I went to the movie theater with my older sister, her boyfriend, and my date three years ago. I think for teenagers today a date is just going somewhere and hanging out with another person. I think what is considered a date has become a lot more lenient than in the past.

What’s your favorite technological invention that occurred in your lifetime? I would have to say my favorite technological invention that has occurred in my lifetime would have to be the laptop. I think we take them for granted and I could not imagine not being able to take my work anywhere and having to constantly be plugged in to something.

With the upcoming holiday season do you have any traditions? For Thanksgiving my family always helps my mom in the kitchen and we snack all day and watch football and then when all the food is done being cooked we eat an early dinner. For Christmas we always open pajamas on Christmas Eve and then once we change into our pajamas I read Twas’ The Night Before Christmas to the family.

With Veteran’s Day this past week do you have any friends or family in the military that you would like to recognize? From my dad’s side, my uncle served in the Air Force for many years and just recently retired. From my mom’s side my great great grandpa served in the Navy during World War II. He was a gunner at Pearl Harbor and he was also at Normandy. Also on my mom’s side, my grandma’s brother was in the Air Force.

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