Scary Halloween stories keeps readers up at night!

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Mrs. Hopwood’s fifth-grade class in Superior wrote up some scary ghost stories for Mineral Independent readers to enjoy this Halloween season. Enjoy their stories, but beware, you may need to sleep with your light on tonight!

The Winds Whistle

By Mekenna Greuter

What? Of course I remember him. I miss Charles. Do I remember how Charles went missing? Yes, I do. You want to hear? NO! You’re to young! Ok fine! But if you get nightmares, it won’t be my fault.

We were going camping at the edge of the “Haunted Forest”. Why did we go there? We didn’t believe it was haunted. It didn’t even look haunted. It had a beautiful forest and a lake. We grabbed our fishing things and started fishing in that lake. A terrible storm rolled in. We ran to our tent. In a flash, we got in, zipped up the floppy door, and wrapped up in warm blankets. We listened as the wind whistled its song.

Hours passed, then suddenly, without a warning, our tent went flying in the wind with us in it. Thunk! The tent had hit a tree. Luckily, it only hit my arm. Next thing I knew, the tent was spinning. It wasn’t just spinning, it was also floating. Thud! The tent flopped to the ground.

“Are you okay?” Charles asked calmly. ”Yeah I’m okay” I replied. Suddenly, the wind stopped. I heard crickets chirping. Just as I started to calm down, we heard a blood curdling scream.

”I’ll go see what that was. You stay here”, he said.

”But Charles!” I started to protest.

”Listen, I don’t want you to get hurt.” Charles interrupted.

He crawled out of the tent and started to walk off. I poked my head out and watched as he walked. I saw something scary creep out of the forest. It growled at him. It looked like a wolf standing on two legs, it was even wearing clothes! Werewolf! I thought

It charged at him, grabbed him with its sharp claws, and ran into the forest. I pulled my head inside and burst into tears, throwing my face against the pillow of my bed. I basically cried myself to sleep.

The next morning I packed up as fast as I could. In a flash, I got in the truck and sped down the road. There it is for you. And just remember, IF YOU GET NIGHTMARES IT WON’T BE MY FAULT!!!!!!!!!

The Time Me And My Mom Almost DIED

By Ivy Turner

First of all we were fishing off a cliff at Paradise. I was just running around while my brother, sister, and my mom were fishing. I came down to eat because that’s where we were eating. When all of the sudden, I felt like I was being pushed towards the end of the cliff. I turned around. Nothing was there. But five minutes later I felt a cold, frigid blow of air, then I saw a hand reach out of the water!

Then I went over to the water, and guess what I found? It was a weird deformed body acting like it needed help. So I told my mom that it needed help. So she got a rope and tossed it down into the water, and guess what it did ? It started to tug on the rope and then my mom got pulled into the water!!! Then I asked ,“Mom are you okay?”

Then she said ,“Yeah I’m okay.”

Thankfully she could swim. Then we went home because it was getting late. Still, to this day I’m scared of the place…

Scary Camping part 2

By Makenzie Reum

It all started when I unzipped the tent and couldn’t believe what I saw! It was a man, ok let’s make this a little more specific. It was a man with a black hole in his face where his mouth should be, four arms, eyes that were pure white with no pupils or anything.

It sent a shiver down my spine, goosebumps on my arms and legs, shaking so bad I could not stop. I pinched myself as hard as I could to make sure tt was a dream, but It wasn’t! I looked over, Amber was gone, “Noooooo!” I yelled.

I stared In horror as I watched the monster gobble Amber down.

I looked behind the monster and saw my family was gone. Then I watched the monster stare at me, and that’s when I said, “This is the end for me”.

But then I thought, no I can’t let this happen. Luckily our car was there,

The monster reached out for me, but I didn’t want that to happen so I scrambled away and ran for what felt like ten miles. I heard a quiet scream. I ran over to It... It was my family. They, were tied to a tree with a thick rope. I untied them. We heard the monster, so we ran right past the monster, got into the car, and got the heck out of there. We never went there ever again.

The HauntedHouse

By Qiana Terrell

“It’s time,” My mom and dad said.

I was terrified for my life to go in the house and of course I had untied shoes. All of a sudden, I fell. When I fell, and I heard something, I turned back, and I saw a white thing. I hurried to my parents they were gone.

I yelled, “Mom dad!” I didn’t hear anything. I yelled again, “Mom! Dad!”, I heard something.

Then I heard my dad’s voice, “kid where are you?”

“I’m here, I’m here!” I yelled.

They rushed to me. The moment I saw them I felt relief.

My New House

By Perri Jasper

I rustled around in bed telling myself it’s just a dream but the stomping kept on getting closer. Then I heard a voice that I had never heard before. Shivers ran down my back. I hid under my covers. Then I felt something grasp me. I screamed and threw my covers off my head swoosh and no one was there. My parents rushed into my room and I told them everything that had happened.

“It’s because we just moved in don’t worry”.

I laid back down in bed but just couldn’t sleep, after everyone was asleep I heard a clatter coming from the kitchen. I was terrified. I didn’t dare get out of my bed until something white and airy flew through the hallway. I knew I had to investigate. I creepishly walked through the hallway. I stopped right dead in my tracks. I heard a loud yelp coming from my paren’s room.

I was so startled told that I felt a sharp pain that stabbed me in my back. I sprinted as fast and as hard as I could go. My parents were fast asleep. I checked all the other rooms for evidence but one really stood out, the dining hall. That is the only room in the house that had not been completely unpacked.

I thought I heard someone whisper, “I am coming for you.” It gradually got louder and louder until it was almost as loud as a fire siren. Someone was coming for me but who was it? I was so frightened that I didn’t sleep all night.

The next morning I did some research, I asked my mom if there had been any recent decreases in price. I got on the internet and researched my home click, click, click. I was terrified by what I saw. Apparently this house was my great, great grandparents had lived here many years ago and had a four year old girl who was taken by her father and reportedly murdered. That, just that is when we were going to have to leave.

I thought it would take lots of convincing but did it maybe? If we didn’t leave, me and my family were dead. The next night two of those airy looking creature appeared at my door way and at first I didn’t think much of it until out of the blue I yelped, “help, help, mom help.”

As my mom appeared in my doorway the airy looking creatures disappeared into the darkness of the night. I asked if she would sleep with me and she agreed. After a few moments of silence the creatures appeared in the room again and then at that moment we were seeing the same thing. They floated closer and closer and then they grabbed us we tried to pull back but by the time they had gotten to the closet the sun arose they had disappeared into the morning mist. My mom told my dad but he just took it as a joke.

The next night was the scariest of them all. I awoke alone in my room with a horrible headache. I wanted to tell my mom but I was too frightened to leave my room. Somehow I crept out of my trying to hold myself back, but I couldn’t. Something had control of me. It took me to a dark closet with a weird feeling I began to feel around. I pulled out a yellow hat with flowers on it which I had never seen before. It wasn’t our hat so who’s was it? It was even weirder because nobody has lived here since my great, great grandparents. Then out of nowhere I knew who’s hat it was. It was the little girl’s hat who had lived here many years ago. I tried to scream but I couldn’t. The next morning I went to the closet and found all the ancestors dead in the closet they were still warm like they had just died. They were together stuffed onto the closet. It was time for us to leave and the next family to begin their adventure.

Look for more scary stories in next week’s Mineral Independent.

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