Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Denley Loge: An engaged leader

| April 22, 2020 7:29 PM

As Montanans adapt to modified daily routines, the COVID-19 pandemic is justifiably front and center. However, the immediate crisis will end, and we need to start thinking about how we rebuild our economy in the aftermath.

Elections are coming up and when your ballot reaches your doorstep it’s important to carefully consider which candidates will most effectively lead our state through the recovery. Who will be chosen to lead Montana in the 2021 Legislature? Who will represent Mineral County and the surrounding area with pragmatic solutions?

Representative Denley Loge is doing right by our community. He has consistently stood up for job creation, free enterprise and economic development since joining the legislature in 2017. Look no further than his score of 88% in the Montana Chamber of Commerce’s voting review for the 2019 session. Denley backs small business and delivers economic prosperity to our part of the state.

Then again, one can look further, for Denley’s leadership doesn’t stop at general business issues. His well-rounded approach to other aspects of our economy, including farming and agriculture, are proven with a 97% rating from the Montana Farm Bureau last session. He’s also pro jobs and pro infrastructure, as evidenced by his voting record on road and bridge repairs - arteries of Montana commerce.

Denley will continue to prioritize critical industries in our area from timber to recreation, all the while keeping taxes low and rejecting unnecessary regulation. Extending his tenure in the legislature will also net additional influence for Mineral and Sanders counties - he served on three standing committees in 2019, including his role of Chair of the Transportation Committee and a seat on the Business and Labor Committee.

Denley is currently a member of the Mineral County Resource Committee, RACC Committee as well as the Mineral County Planning Board. Having the right people, for the right office, at the right time is essential to convert good ideas into tangible economic growth. I urge you to make your voice heard in the election process.

We need Denley’s leadership in Helena now more than ever - leadership that will work relentlessly to achieve economic recovery and prosperity.

Denley Loge has made his constituency his priority, and you can expect him to put Western Montana first when we send him back to the legislature in 2021.

- Duane H. Simons, St. Regis, Montana