Todd joins St. Regis School Board

Mineral Independent | July 30, 2020 5:57 PM

The St. Regis School District has recently gained a new school board member.

Previous board member Mark Farris, along with his family relocated to Billings this summer for new work opportunities. Farris’ term on the board would be expiring next May, leaving a vacancy that needed to be filled.

Superintendent Joe Steele shared, “Mark and his family did a lot for this community. They have been here a long time and losing such a community-oriented family is difficult. He and his family will be sorely missed.”

Steele explained, “The position became vacant when Mark moved out of the district area. The board accepted his resignation and declared the seat vacant.”

The position was then posted and applications were accepted, only one candidate applied new to the St. Regis area, Stephanie Todd.

But as the school’s business clerk, Tina Hill reassured, “After advertising for the vacancy, Stephanie was the only applicant. But I don’t want to diminish her qualifications by stating that.” Hill was excited and at ease with the prospect of this new board member. “I appreciate Stephanie’s willingness to serve. She provides another tier of perspective to our Board as a mother of 4 that has homeschooling experience as well as military family, as well as a new family to the community.”

Stephanie Todd and her husband Aaron lived in Kentucky before moving to their ranch outside of St. Regis. Their family has four children, Colton age 15, Wyatt age 13, Shannon age 11, and William age 3.

Todd described, “The beginning of our married life we ranched in Western Kansas and I worked for Kansas Wildlife and Parks, for the last 17 years we have been an active military family until recently when we transitioned to life here in St. Regis. Currently I train horses here on our ranch the, Bar Six T, and my husband, Aaron, works for the National Forest Service.”

Before enrolling her children at St. Regis schools, the family home schooled for a year and we’re part of a homeschooling CO-OP.

She said, “Originally we were looking for a one room school, so that all of our children grew in a personalized school setting. When we found St. Regis, we decided that it’s class sizes and small enrollment would be a great fit for our children.”

Todd decided to run when she heard of the opening on the board because she wanted to foster good communication for any parent and board related issues. Stephanie explained, “Being a parent that has a kid in high school, middle school and elementary I felt compelled to represent our situation.”

After being sworn in on July 14, Todd’s term will last until May 2021, at that point she can choose to run for the position again during the next election by the community. Todd stated,

“I plan on pursuing the position throughout my kids’ years in the school district,” she added, “

“I can tell already that the school is a cornerstone of the community and I hope that every child who attends the school is in a safe, healthy environment.”

The Todds came to St. Regis for the area’s beautiful scenery, outdoor recreation and small-town living.

So far, they have found much more than that, Todd expressed, “The community has been very welcoming to our family and has a strong grounded foundation, something that is hard to find anymore. The school has given each one of our children an opportunity to participate in sports, which has been a great experience, and the teachers have gotten to know each one of my kids and have extended a warm kindness.”

Having a parental viewpoint on the school board is beneficial Superintendent Steele said, “Stephanie is a parent of students in both elementary and high school. She will be the parent perspective to the board.”

Next May two school board trustee position terms will be expiring, Stephanie Todd’s and Chris West’s, both of which can be reelected.