Law enforcement keeping busy in Mineral County

by Mineral Independent
| May 20, 2020 4:35 PM

May 6

Deputies responded to a trespass case that is still ongoing.

Deputies responded to a traffic stop case that is still under investigation at another agency request.

May 7

Deputies found a vehicle in the ditch, empty beer cans were all over the vehicle and the owners were notified and found safe and the case was turned over to Montana Highway Patrol.

May 8

Deputies responded to a welfare check and all was reported to be okay.

Deputies responded to a welfare check and the male was found to be okay, but having phone issues.

Deputies responded to a theft that occurred in St. Regis. The case is still under investigation.

Deputies responded to a civil disturbance in St. Regis, the parties were notified that they needed to speak with Justice Court.

May 9

Deputies responded to a Partner Family Member Assault in Superior. The case is still ongoing.

Two colts in the road were reported near Tarkio several concerned citizens worked together to gather the colts and place them in a field nearby.

Deputies responded to a possible suicidal male case turned into a Partner Family Member assault case is still ongoing.

May 10

Deputies responded to a call that came from ShoShone County about a motor vehicle crash. Both parties and their dog were taken to Mineral County Hospital.

Deputies responded to an agency assist on Montana 135 in Sanders County. One citation was given.

A report of a tree that had fallen onto the powerline was reported Northwestern Energy was called and they were able to fix the powerline and remove the tree.

May 11

A black poodle was reported to have been left behind at the rest area at Quartz by the owner and when they went back to get the dog it was gone.

So if you see a black poodle please call dispatch at 822-3555.

Deputies responded to DeBorgia for a disturbance a couple who had two children in the car had lost their key fob and were looking for it frantically. When deputies arrived they saw the two children were okay but the adults had been drinking.

The deputies advised the adults to sleep it off at the hotel and the key fob was found to be safe.