Sanders County Justice Court

| October 14, 2020 12:00 AM

Sanders County Justice Court Montana Highway Patrol

Oct. 2, Robert Joseph Kraus, speeding

Oct. 1, Naomi Lynn Chamblin, seatbelt violation

Sept. 29, Arturo J. Montoya, speeding

Sept. 16, Mason Michael Miller, operating without liability insurance in effect-third

offense, Sept. 30, operating with expired registration-failure to reregister, Sept. 16, speeding

Sept. 29, Jennifer Feistner Ridnour, speeding

Sept. 30, Edgar Albert 11 Farmer, reckless driving-first offense

Sept. 28, Sheila Marcel Frees, speeding

Sept. 28, Terry Robert Piger, speeding

Oct. 1, Earl Ferdinand Bates, speeding

Oct. 1, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Carr, speeding

Sept. 28, Maxwell Elliot Mclean, speeding

Sept. 30, Jennay Jo Ovitt, speeding

Sept. 30, John Paul Robinson, speeding

Sept. 30, Williams Lucas Wyatt, seatbelt violation, speeding

Oct. 1, John Harold Belknap, seatbelt violation

Sept. 29, James Christian Nelson, speeding

Sept. 30, Joshua Anaya Gonzales, seatbelt violation

Oct. 1, Terry Luke Caldwell, seatbelt violation

Oct. 2, Shadow Hunter Fairbrother, fail/stop school bus stopped (load or unload school child)

Oct. 1, Margaret Mary Storoy, seatbelt violation

Oct. 1, Janelle Olson Swenson, speeding

Sept. 28, Myranda Jean Hagemann, reckless driving-first offense, fail to give notice of accident by quickest means/apparent damage over $1,000-first offense

Sanders County Sheriff’s Office

Sept. 30, Rodney Phillip Goehring, operating with alcohol concentration of 0.08% bac or greater-second offense

Sept. 30, Craig Richard Lickert, careless driving, driving without a valid driver's license

Oct. 1, Cameron M. Jeide, speeding

Sept. 29, Shubham Gupta, speeding

Motor Carrier Services

Sept. 28, Harold Cruz Vargas, fail to register o/s mv when used for hire or person gainfully employed in Montana

Sept. 30, Trevor Dillon Janshen, fail to use/extend retractable axle when weight exceeds legal max for fixed axles

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Sept. 28, Michael Emmett Pearson, violation of commission or department orders or rules