Sanders County Justice Court

| October 21, 2020 12:00 AM

Montana Highway Patrol

Oct. 6, Rajan Arun Pawar, speeding

June 24, Ellyza Moon Stuart, operating without liability insurance in effect-first offense

Oct. 8, Beverly Jo Carbery, careless driving

Oct. 5, Robert Alden Blood, speeding

Oct. 7, Donna Griffin McDonald, seatbelt violation

Oct. 7, Abel Cullum Armitage, speeding

Oct. 9, Steven Wendell Niles, speeding

Oct. 10, Heidi Nichole Scott, speeding

Oct. 9, Jerry William Shirley, speeding

Oct. 6, John Thomas Walker, seatbelt violation

Oct. 6, Robert Earl Cater, fail to keep vehicle under control on mountain highway

Oct. Caleb Slattery Nittinger, seatbelt violation

Oct. 6, Kale M. Mosley, improper passing-in no-passing zone

Oct. 8, Jason JK Friede, seatbelt violation, speeding

Oct. 10, Akanksha Mandyamnarasimhan, speeding

Oct. 5, Michael Joseph Texter, speeding

Oct. 7, Anthony Joel Hochstetler, seatbelt violation

Oct. 11, David Brian Martin, speeding

Sanders County Sheriff’s Office

Oct. 8, Jesse Hugh Best, speeding

Oct. 7, William A. Setter, operating without liability insurance in effect-first offense

Motor Carrier Services

Oct. 10, Trevor Charles Eastlick, operating with expired registration-failure to reregister

Oct. 8, Blaine Leroy Koistinen, exceed 34,000 pounds tandem axle weight limit