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Paradise man has other plan for sewer system

| September 9, 2020 12:20 AM

Hello America!

I just had to sit down and write a few lines to relieve a little pressure!

I, Dan Risland, live in Paradise, Montana. I have lived here in the valley since 1957.

I bought my home in Paradise because it had a new sewer and a metal roof! I thought I didn’t ever have to worry about either one.

Now, I’m told, I will have to connect to a sewer system that doesn’t exist yet, and it will cost me (and every home owner in Paradise) $24,000 each in the next 40 years! Plus $35 per month plus maintenance forever!

Now, some people in Paradise say “my sewer doesn’t work” or my lot is to small for a sewer! I say baloney!

If you can put a sewer at a boat launch, you can put one in your yard.

Another guy said “I have a vision for Paradise, I see businesses and expansion!” Also he said “you can have a yard sale to pay your monthly bill!”

I say “I don’t need a sewer or a monthly bill and I don’t want to pay for somebody else!”

If you need a sewer, buy one like I did and everyone else!

I live in Paradise because it’s a small, unincorporated town. That is like living out of town but still together. No mayor, no dog laws, etc., etc.

That’s why we live here. We have too much traffic already and we don’t need growth! There is no business and that’s great! If a house comes up for rent, it’s rented immediately. The town isn’t dying like some say.

This is America and you are supposed to be able to follow your dreams. My dream is to leave us alone!

Why do some people think it’s OK to force people to pay for a sewer that they don’t want or need?

Because somebody else needs one. That’s like saying my car is a lemon so you all have to pay from this point on to get me a new one! I was in bonehead arithmetic in school but $180 per year on your taxes for 40 years equals $7,200 plus $35 per month x 40 years equals $16,800 total =$24,000 in 40 years.

Plus any repairs and your property taxes will go up because of the sewer, so, probably a fair estimate is $30,000 for a sewer when you can put in a new one for yourself, if you need one, for about $5,000.

Also, the cost never stops! Once you are in this, that’s it! Forever! Not fair!

The sewer board got some grants to help pay for the sewer. I think they got $3,500,000 but they are $7,500,000 short. That’s why the $18,500 per homeowner bill for 40 years!

That is ridiculous! You can pay $5,000 per sewer, put a new one in every yard, about 75 houses which equals $375,000 and have no monthly bill and give $3,125,000 back to wherever the grant (tax payers) came from!

Doesn't that make more sense!

We the people don't want a sewer or a bill!

Thank you,

- Dan Risland, Paradise