LTE-Man questions county commissioners about election

| September 16, 2020 12:00 AM

Respectfully to the County of Sanders Montana Commissioners - an open

letter to the media in Sanders County:

  1. Now that you - the Sanders County Commissioners - have decided 2-1

to have an "all-mail-in" election this fall, using what criteria will

you employ to determine WHO wants to vote by mail?

  1. Will you - as has been the practice during ALL prior elections

(before the Covid panic) - send out "absentee ballot request forms"

to all voters, so that we, your bosses, can decide for ourselves to

vote by absentee ("mail in") or to not vote?

  1. Or, will you just send out however many ballots you choose to

EVERY address - whether or not dwelled therein by anyone?

PERSONALLY, I want you all to send me an absentee ballot request

form, so that MY vote will be included in the tally at the mandated

end of election day this coming November.

NO blank ballots should be sent to anyone without them having,

signature attached, requesting it.

I have asked all my contacts to

make the same request of you, so that we know that NO ONE commits

fraudulent ballots to the Sanders County board of elections this fall.

Thank you for your KIND reply to my questions.

Jim Greaves, Thompson Falls