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Hospital CEO thankful for Loge's efforts on HB 415

| April 7, 2021 12:00 AM

At Clark Fork Valley Hospital, patient safety is at the core of our mission.

Recently, Representative Denley Loge took a common-sense approach to protecting the health and safety of patients during this legislative session. Specifically, he helped stop House Bill 415, which would have prohibited your local hospital and healthcare facilities (such as nursing homes) from requiring staff to be vaccinated.

Hospitals in Montana are not required by law to require vaccinations, but most do. Vaccinations are a clinical best practice and a longstanding, evidence-based recommendation of the CDC to ensure the safety of both patients and healthcare workers.

Still, House Bill 415 was about more than vaccinations. It was an affront to all private employers and their ability to decide how they run their business—including the ability to require measures that prevent injury and disease for both their staff and the people they serve.

House Bill 415 would have hamstrung hospitals’ efforts to meet their missions and protect the safety of healthcare workers and patients. When entrusted to provide the safest possible care for their community, hospitals must have the freedom to operate at the highest standards of clinical care.

With his vote, Rep. Loge kept decision-making on clinical operations where it belongs: in the hands of local healthcare professionals, not lawmakers in Helena.

Gregory Hanson, MD, CEO Clark Fork Valley Hospital Plains

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