Monday, April 12, 2021

Sanders County Justice Court

| April 7, 2021 12:00 AM

Montana Highway Patrol

March 25, Benjamin Alawa Kanohokula, speeding

March 23, Alexis Marie Nemeck, speeding

March 25, Karla Jean Rash, speeding

March 24, Christy Michelle Trotti, speeding

March 25, Terry Lee Williams, speeding

March 24, Britt Lee Wilson, speeding

March 26, Devin Raily Pomrenke-Meyer, seatbelt violation

March 26, Kevin Connor Riley, speeding

March 26, Kari Ann Bauer, speeding

March 24, Tanner Scott Sunstad, speeding

March 23, Chad Roy Jones, operating without liability insurance in effect-first offense

March 26, Cherokee Mae Pierce, speeding

March 25, Jeremy Richardson, speeding

Sanders County Sheriff’s Office

March 22, Brayden Nicholes Good, possessing intoxicating substances while under age, first offense

March 24, Thomas William Dossett, speeding

March 26, Sophie P. Danision, speeding

March 26, Eleina Thomas, speeding

March 26, Brianna M. Pfrimmer, speeding

March 22, Patrick J. Wilson, speed

March 25, Jerod Russell Walker, speeding

Motor Carrier Services

March 23, Justin Cooper Krahn, operating with expired registration-failure to reregister

March 23, Charles Sidney Bengtson, operate in excess of gross vehicle weight license,

March 25, Gregory Wayne Lidstrom, operate in excess of gross vehicle weight license

March 22, Glen Allen Horman, operate without over-dimensional (size) permit

March 25, Jonathan Jay Norton, fail to purchase trip permit immediately upon arrival in state