Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sanders County Justice Court

| April 28, 2021 12:00 AM

Montana Highway Patrol

April 8, Regan Elizbeth Courville-Rosales, speeding

April, 5, Robert Dean Mathers, fail to carry proof or exhibit/insurance in vehicle-owner or operator-second offense, seatbelt violation

April 8, Matthew Spencer Moskal, speeding

April 7, Kaitlin Alexis Cornell, speeding

April 7, Nathan Stolk, driving without a valid drivers license-has never possessed, seatbelt violation, operate a vehicle which has not been properly registered

April 5, John Patrick Williams, speeding

April 6, Melissa Dawn Lacock, speeding

April 7, Kyrie Christine Bitterman, speeding

April 8, Shannon Michael Carr, speeding

April 11, Talmage Sidney Ercanbrack, seatbelt violation

April 9, Benjamin P. Ronniger, operating with expired registration-failure to reregister

April 12, John R. Bilodeau, speeding

April 14, Devon Marie Lofthus, basic rule – reasonable and prudent-first offense, fail to give notice of accident by quickest means/apparent damage over $1,000-first offense, operating without liability insurance in effect-second offense

April 12, Michael Isaac Coomer, speeding

April 13, Bruce Phillip Hunn, speeding

April 15, James Glenn Boyes, seatbelt violation

April 15, Kelly Reed Caldwell, seatbelt violation

April 15, Citori Clair Jones, seatbelt violation

April 17, Jeffery James Rode, speeding

April 15, James Dwain Harty, careless driving

April 15, Beverly Annette McCollum, speeding

April 15, Joseph Jay Donaldson, speeding

April 17, Enos D. Steury, speeding

Sanders County Sheriff’s Office

April 5, Shad M. Willis, disorderly conduct-1 st offense

April 8, Dexter H. Tice, speeding, driving a motor vehicle while privilege to do so is suspended or revoked first offense

April 8, Korey Ross White, fail to display driver's license when demanded, operating without liability insurance in effect-first offense, fail to carry/display registration receipt as required

April 5, Kevin J. Kragt, speed

April 9, Mark David Hewitt, speeding

April 7, Riley P. Wood, speed

April 10, Dylan Blake Viail, speed

April 6, Lukas Lipp, speeding

April 9, Bradley Jon Roselund, speeding

April 8, Alexis Marie Christensen, speed

April 5, Zion Sorani Lucia, speeding

April 6, Ry E. Watkins, speed

April 9, Cory M. Beatty, speed

April 13, Mary Ciganek, speeding

April 14, Nickolas Lee Stafford, criminal Possession of drug Paraphernalia

April 15, Shawn M. Morgan, speed

April 15, Mark Glenn Smith, speed

April 14, Tyler R. Troy, speeding

April 15, Hayley Marie Hileman, speeding

April 15, Brent A. Piehl, speed

April 18, William P. Preuss, speed

April 16, Jennifer L. Nabors, speed

April 15, Drinnon A. Hand, speed

April 15, Cody Allan Allestad, speeding, operating without liability insurance in

effect-second offense

April 15, Evan S. Kalm, speed

Motor Carrier Services

April 6, Justin Thomas Stephens, log not current

Apri l7, Robert Jearold Gardner, operate a vehicle, combination of load, object, or

other thing with size or weight w/o

April 15, no log book in possession

April 18, Brigham Leroy Steed, operate without over-dimensional (size) permit

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

April 8, Jason D. Clark, hunt/trap/attempt to hunt/trap any game animal, game bird, fur-bearing animal or fish w/o license