Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Sanders County Justice Court

| July 21, 2021 12:00 AM

Montana Highway Patrol

July 9, Kody O. Carter, seatbelt violation

July 12, Kelly Ereth Indreland, speeding

July 8, Orrin Kamlah Roundy, speeding

July 6, Gary D. Bradley, seatbelt violation, stop sign violation

July 7, Hunter R. Rich, seatbelt violation

July 7, Darius Lamont Ramsey, careless driving

July 8, Janelle Loretta Kibler, speeding

July 8, David James Kulawinski, seatbelt violation

July 7, Kevin Leer Davenport, driving under the influence of alcohol-first offense, operating without liability insurance in effect-first offense, careless driving, unlawful possession of open alcoholic beverage container in motor vehicle on highway

July 11, Kellie Gale Burgess, speeding

July 6, Jacob Bryant Nairn, speeding

July 11, Morgan Kale Nice, speeding

July 9, David Andrew Stafford, speeding

July 12, Andrew Frank Cabaccang, speeding

July 12, Timothy James Sim, speeding

July 11, Roper John Boyd Edwards, speeding

July 10, Nicholaas S. Gillingham, speeding

July 11, Matthew Marcellini Hawkins, speeding

July 9, Alissa Marie McBride, speeding

July 9, Luiz Henrique Schiel Gigolotti, speeding

July 9, Kathryn Alice Whipple Kilmer, speeding

Sanders County Sheriff’s Office

July 9, Christopher James McCallum, driving a motor vehicle while privilege to do so is suspended or revoked-second offense; operating without liability insurance in effect-fourth or subsequent offense

July 7, Justin P. Mandagvit, speeding

July 8, Stephanie M. Jewell, speeding

July 9, Jace C. Beagle, speed

July 7, Monil Shah, speed

July 11, Timothy A. McKevitt, speed

July 12, Roman Sparks, speeding

Motor Carrier Services

July 9, Daquan Christopher Snaith, driving without a valid drivers license

July 8, Cole Matthew Spencer, exceeding the max gross weight allowed any group of axles (bridge formula)