Monday, September 27, 2021

Superior resident supports schools in battle against Covid-19

| September 1, 2021 12:00 AM

I am writing this letter in support of our local schools: the administration, the school boards, the teachers and other staff, and the students.

Groups of people across the U.S. are opposing any type of mask mandate proposed by schools and supported by local health departments and the CDC, based on the misinformation that they’ve learned, most often off the internet and by word of mouth.

These very vocal individuals are encouraging their friends and neighbors to attend school board meetings and voice their opposition, sign petitions, join in lawsuits, and keep their children home from school until after the official funding count (to reduce funding to public schools), as some of their tactics.

What can we do as concerned citizens and taxpayers of Mineral County to support our public schools and keep our kids in school and healthy?

  • Show up at school board meetings to voice your support for any health mandates that will keep our kids healthy and safe;

  • Write letters to the administration and staff letting them know that you support their decisions and that they are appreciated;

  • Write letters to the editor voicing your support of our schools;

  • Support the schools – and health departments – in the event that lawsuits are filed – both verbally and financially.

  • Elect people to public office that truly have the best interests of our kids and families in mind.

The only way this pandemic will ever be under control is if we work together, use common sense, AND take all the precautions that are recommended to us by our scientists and medical professionals.

Please do all you can to help keep our kids healthy and our schools open.

Diane Magone, Superior