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Dane Lyman McNabb, 72

| May 11, 2022 12:00 AM

Dane Lyman McNabb passed away Friday, Oct. 22 at Logan Health Medical Center in Kalispell. He was 72 years of age.

Dane was born in August 1949, in a logging camp near Orofino Idaho to Roy Matthews and Velma Chriswell. Shortly after graduating highschool in Twin Falls, Idaho, Dane joined the Army as a paratrooper. He served three tours in Vietnam as a recondo with the 2/502 of the 101st Abn. He achieved the rank of Sgt. E-5, and was very proud of his service.

Following his time in Vietnam, Dane continued his service with the Army in Alaska. There he was also a scout master, civilian skydiver, graphic artist, illustrator, and an avid fisherman. He also worked for the Nome Nugget newspaper.

Dane graduated from Lewis-Clark state college with a bachelor’s degree in business management and business administration. After earning his degree, he worked as a business consultant, which as everything Dane did, he excelled at.

It is difficult to accurately sum up Dane’s life in a few paragraphs, where a book would be more appropriate. He was too complex, faceted, and storied for such brevity. He loved God, and lived his life in a way that he felt was pleasing to God. He was intelligent, thoughtful, and approached everything in his life with care and diligent effort.

Dane was preceded in death by his parents, his brother Herb, and his eldest son Sean. He is survived by his wife Deseri, his sister Dixie, and his children Heather, Stuart, Megan, Kelsey, Taylor, Shaina, Andra, Malena, Valaria, Mahala, and Marsada. He also leaves behind 19 grandchildren, with three more expected.

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