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Mineral County Community Foundation awards scholarships

| May 11, 2022 12:00 AM

At their April meeting, the board of the Mineral County Community Foundation made decisions on their 2022 scholarship awards.

This year, the board had students from all three school districts and chose to award all eight applicants. The scholarship of $1,500, awarded to a student with exemplary community volunteerism, was awarded to Baylee Pruitt of St Regis, with $500 scholarships awarded to the other students.

Selections are made based on community service, leadership qualities, scholastic achievement, extracurricular activities and overall character.

The following are the aspirations of these students, in their own words:

Baylee Pruitt, St Regis: “My choice to go into medicine is based on the personal struggles I overcame, putting me on a path to help people overcome similar struggles…I have learned so much from the people that surround me, may it be good or bad, that has aided my decision of going into a medical profession to serve and assist others.”

Sadie Smalley, Superior: “I have been accepted into the Univ. of MT where I will be majoring in Sociology. I am also hoping to join the new Occupational Therapy program that they are bringing into the college in the fall of 2023. All of this education and training will then help me be able to help people of all ages be able to cope with everyday life. …This is what I want to do. I want to help people. No matter their ages or struggles. I want to be able to help them.”

Zoey Zimmerman, Alberton: “Going to college makes sense. People need to learn to grow. A college education can definitely help with a stable job and I plan on acquiring that knowledge. Applying to The Univ. of MT was very nerve-racking… but after all of the worrying I did, it finally happened. I realized that I was finally a grizzly, and I was going to pursue my career in Business Management: Pre Accounting.”

Cassie Green, Superior: “I envision myself graduating from an in-state university with a degree in Biology… I will realize my goal of attending Naturopathic school and graduating with a doctorate so I can be a practitioner of naturopathic medicine… I want to make a difference not only in my life but in the lives of others, and I know I'll do just that.”

Carter Jasper, St Regis: “I am planning to major in political science with a minor in economics. I believe I will acquire an education that will deepen my understanding of the political process and how to strategically improve my community through knowledge, service and political action. I want to attend college so that I can pursue my passion for public service and also pursue an education. I still want to continue my community service activities. I believe that giving back to the community that you are a part of is not only important but is necessary.”

Taylor Hurd, St Regis: “In my future, I plan to attend Missoula College to study Radiology. I chose this major because I have always wanted to work in the medical field, and I am very curious of the course of this study… If I do not become an Ultrasound Technician, I know that I will specify at least in women's health… In my future life, I want to give back and help other people, and I feel that becoming a nurse would do just that.”

Sorren Reese, Superior: “I have proceeded to take the greatly needed steps to achieve my dream of becoming a pediatrician as well as competing in track and field at the collegiate level. I have recently signed my commitment to Carroll College as a track athlete with the strong intention of majoring in pre-medical.”

Veronica Shaw, St Regis: “My future goals consist of working over the summer after I graduate. When school starts up again I’m moving to Hamilton, Montana to start cosmetology schooling there… Once I finish my studies I will be opening up a cosmetology business. Living my life to the fullest!”


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