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Plains theater students ignite laughter in murder mystery

by TRACY SCOTT Valley Press
| November 23, 2022 12:00 AM

Friday evening, the community of Plains filled the new school gymnasium to enjoy the first play for the school year, "Clue," directed by Terry Henry and assistant director Cathy Emmet.

A comedy at heart, "Clue" takes place on a stormy night at the Boddy Manor. A host of unusual dinner guests, with each having aliases, stumbles through the evening as the body count rises. Short one liners kept the audience laughing through the play. Fumbling through the evening, each of the dinner quests suspect each other and try their best to discover the true murderer. "Clue" is a comedy based on the classic film and board game.

The play was performed by the drama students of Plains.

The cast of characters were: The uptight British butler, Wadsworth, played by Mikiah Cook; the French maid, Yvette, played by Ireland Corbin; the dry socialite, Miss Scarlet, played by Halie Tompkins; the wealthy neurotic senator’s wife, Mrs. Peacock, played by Susannah Lindsay; the pale Mrs. White, suspected of murdering her five ex-husbands, played by Mackenzie Tulloch; the pompous blowhard military woman, Colonel Mustard, played by Cecilia Harris; the self-absorbed Professor Plum, played by Jacob Lulack; the timid rule follower, Mr. Green, played by Greg Tatum; the gruff overbearing woman, The Cook, played by Melodie Cook; the Singing Telegram Girl, played by 7th grader Emma Diamond, in her first play; the Unexpected Cop, played by Keelie Hathorne; Mr. Boddy, a movie star type guy, played by Django Oakcedar; the Motorist, played by Alex Horodyski; and finally the Chief of Police that saves the day, played by Django Oakcedar.

School Superintendent Thom Chisholm said students practiced for about eight weeks leading up to the performance.

Lenka Harris said, “it was exciting to watch her daughter, Cecilia, in her first play.”

Director Henry said, “They did excellent.”


Ireland Corbin as the French maid. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)


Halie Tompkins as Miss Scarlet and Ireland Corbin as the French maid.


Cecilia Harris as Colonel Mustard discovering another body. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)


Jacob Lulack as Professor Plum and Greg Tatum as Mr. Green. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)


Mikiah Cook as Wadsworth the Butler. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)


Susannah Lindsay as Mrs Peacock. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)

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