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Letters to the editor Oct. 26

| October 26, 2022 12:00 AM

Vote Zinke

As we enter into the last weeks of this year’s election, voters will be faced with lies and nonsense about local and statewide candidates, with the worst of it coming from Monica Tranel and the liberal left. They’ve even tried to paint Ryan Zinke, a 5th generation Montanan, as someone with no connections to the treasure state.

It couldn’t be farther from the truth. Ryan was raised in Whitefish, attended school there, and raised his family there. Ryan also spent years defending our country as a Navy Seal. He saw many things that most of us can never imagine, along with losing many of his fellow soldiers and friends while protecting our freedoms.

Ryan served in the Montana Legislature, represented Montana in Congress and served in Donald Trump's cabinet as Interior Secretary. Ryan has represented Montana well and truly depicts what makes Montana great: its people.

The liberal left is spinning lies about Ryan because they know he doesn’t support their far left liberal agenda that has destroyed families, our culture, and our schools. Ryan stands for our police, a protected southern border, and a strong, energy-independent America. He’ll fight to bring down inflation and gas prices - something he’s already done as Interior Secretary.

I am proud to support a fellow Montanan like Ryan Zinke who will put Montana ‘s interest first and support policies that protect Montana and our country.

Vote Zinke.

— State Sen. Greg Hertz, Polson


RINO, or “Republican in Name Only,” is a term that’s too-often used to describe Republicans who aren’t unequivocally on board with every policy position emanating from D.C. Intra-party debates are healthy, and discounting the arguments of those you disagree with won’t lead to a productive solution.

However, in the case of Marc Racicot and Bob Brown, the term is apt.

The former Governor and Secretary of State have emerged from obscurity, as they seemingly do every few months, to endorse Monica Tranel and trash Ryan Zinke’s character. Despite being poorly-written and even more poorly-argued, their letter makes one thing clear: Marc Racicot and Bob Brown are not Republicans, and they haven’t been for a long time.

The last time Racicot was in office, Bill Clinton was the President and Sept. 11 was just another date on the calendar. The last time Brown was in office, the iPhone hadn’t been invented yet. Just because they once donned an “R” next to their name doesn’t mean they should hold any sway in today’s Republican party.

Racicot endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016, Joe Biden in 2020, Independent Gary Buchanan in Eastern Montana and now a Liberal Democrat in Western Montana. He also endorsed Ingrid Gustavson over James Brown for the Montana Supreme Court. Brown endorsed Steve Bullock in 2020 and voted for Joe Biden. There’s nothing remotely “conservative” or “Republican” about these candidates.

The Tranel campaign is touting these endorsements as evidence that Republicans are souring on Zinke. Montanans won’t fall for that. When someone repeatedly tells you who they are, we listen. At least Racicot and Brown got the headline they desired!

— Leslie Whitman, Missoula

Don’t fall for Zinke

Ryan Zinke’s ads portray him as a nice guy who just wants to do good for his constituents. They don’t mention the 18 investigations that followed him after his disgraced exit from the Interior Department, or that Zinke lied to investigators. They don’t mention the ways he trampled the rights and culture of Native Americans while at Interior or his sweetheart relationship with the fossil fuel industry.

Zinke has been silent on the Republican Party Platform that promises repeal of the Inflation Reduction Act if they win control of Congress, an Act that finally gives Medicare the ability to negotiate prescription drug prices that will save thousands each year for every Montana senior.

His opponent, Monica Tranel, will protect the law that reduces drug prices for our seniors. She also will fight to break the monopolies that keep our ranchers and farmers from getting fair prices for their products, and she’ll fight to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. She’s the real thing.

Don’t be duped by Zinke’s attempt at a make-over. He’s not going to change. Monica Tranel is the candidate who will fairly and honorably represent Montanans in Congress.

— Norman A. Bishop, Bozeman

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