Mineral County Justice Court

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Oct. 26, Iona Alisa Ashby, speeding

Oct. 29, Andrew Nathan Copeland, open container and speeding

Oct. 30, Robert Arthur Fogelson, exceed 75-foot length for combo vehicle

Oct. 30, Gemar Nathaniel Gilliard, violation in a construction zone

Oct. 29, Rafael 2 Gonzalez, exceed 34,000-pound tandem axle weight limit

Oct. 30, Mark Edward Howard, exceed 14 height limit

Oct. 26, Michael Clark Hurd, expired registration

Oct. 30, Keven Arrol Jensen, exceed 75-foot maximum length combo

Oct. 26, Anne E. Johnson, speeding

Oct. 31, Keith Gary Kleyn, operating in violation of restrictions imposed on drivers license

Oct. 30, Robert Dean Mathers, speeding

Oct. 29, Alex Alex Mitchell, speeding

Nov. 1, Gary Lee S. Rice, seatbelt violation

Oct. 26, Mary Elizabeth Robertson, Speeding

Oct. 30, Nolan Michael Samples, speeding and no insurance

Oct. 30, Paul Willis Sanderson, hunting/fishing during closed season

Nov. 1, Alexander Sergeyevich Shulga, suspended license

Nov. 1, Nedko Yordanov Stoychev, tire ply or belt material exposed

Oct. 30, Zane J. Thompson, false log

Oct. 30, Karlotta D. Wilkins, no trip permit


Oct. 30, Timothy Wayne French, failure to yield to emergency vehicle

Oct. 30, Tanner Anthony Russell, suspended license and changing lanes when unsafe to do so

Deferred Imposition

Nov. 1, Iona Alisa Ashby, Disorderly conduct

Oct. 29, Iona Alisa Ashby, failure to have insurance

Alberton City Court


Nov. 1, Andrew Koch, fail to maintain lamps in proper working order and license plate obstructed

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Mineral County Justice Court

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