| December 10, 2019 1:00 AM

Reading last week’s (Nov. 27) Independent, On page 6 they have a new news creative writer. Did the Independent make a mistake? Yes.

Did they recruit a political hack or did they just forget to place this article on the opinion page. Either way, their lack of journalism is striking. The best that can be said for Jim Elliott’s article, “What a ridiculous political hit piece.

Jim’s buckaroo story is right out of a 1950’s Clint Eastwood Cowboy movie. The left lives in the fantasy land called, ‘movies.’ On T.V. the left wing’s kibitzers and talking heads endlessly bring up Star-Wars and other movies ad-infinitum.

Yes, Jim. The Democrats are beside themselves. The American people elected a businessman, a man who is transparent over a dubious typical politician. uring the 2016 campaign we saw and listened to a man who ( talked to us not at us or ‘over us. )

He asked the same question that we had. Why endless wars? Why not a better economy?

Why an endless stream of illegal aliens? Why not more jobs for Americans? Why do we dump money into other countries, when they should pay more? And many, many more.

Three years, NO new wars, the economy is booming, in spite of Congress he building the wall, the jobs are there if you want one, On your side, you had a candidate who thought she was self-ordained to be President.

What were her plans. No one knows, her plans were concocted somewhere in the bowels of Washington D.C.

She talked (AT us) and what did we hear? “You Trump supporters are a basket of DEPLORABLES” you wonder why you lost?

Jim we must look to your poor belittled, beleaguered foreign service employees. Who do they work for? The President. Who does the President work for? Us the people. By electing him, we made him our CEO. As shareholders in this great corporation, America. We told him we are tired of the old, useless, outdated (to use your metaphor) gunslingers.

We want new ones and a new direction. If you don’t understand read Article 1I. Section 2. of the Constitution.

Your old (gunslingers) were tired, unable to be effective. They turned to the Democrat form of compromise. It’s other people money, lets pay them off. The new (gunslinger) said, in so many words, “NATO it’s time to pay up. We have paid your bills long enough. To the detriment of America.” NATO. now has increased by 130 billion its payments.

NATO Secretary Gen. Said this week, “NATO is stronger now than is has ever been.”

This quickly became unpalatable to the Democrats, Intelligence community, Foreign Service and the left wing Media. They set out to correct this by leaking fake stories on the Russia, Russia fabrication.

The Media’s Kibitzers and talking head pumped it up day after day.

In the end like a lead balloon it fell flat.

We now know it was a fake witch hunt.

  • Al Acheson, Chairman Mineral County Republican Central Committee