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Mineral County court report

| January 2, 2019 10:20 AM

Dec. 18, Almas Beisenov, failure to follow requirements of special permit

Dec. 14, Marie Alice Boyce, seatbelt violation

Dec. 18, Robert Michael Christmas, speeding

Dec. 18, James Henrie Colton, failure to drive right of roadway except when passing

Dec. 18, Christopher Allen Cooley, failure to follow requirements of special permit

Dec. 16, Dennis James Davis, speeding

Dec. 18, Damon Anthoney Dufresne, seatbelt violation

Dec. 20, David Edward Durand, speeding

Dec. 18, Joshua Thomas Faure, basic rule reasonable and prudent

Dec. 18, Joseph Benton Flynn, speeding

Dec. 18, Christy Lisa Folkins, speeding

Dec. 14, Joy Noelle Fryer, speeding

Dec. 17, Duane Darrell Grimes, speeding

Dec. 17, Anthony Hebreo, speeding

Dec. 18, Jose R. Hernandez, operating vehicle without special permit

Dec. 18, Jason Joseph Hodge, failure to purchase trip permit

Dec. 18, George Militaru, exceed 34,000-pound tandem axle weight limit

Dec. 20, Cameron Kirstie Moore, no insurance

Dec. 19, Dylan Clark Moore, seatbelt violation

Dec. 18, Daniel Thomas Ogorman, no insurance

Dec. 20, Laimonas Petryla, failure to purchase trip permit

Dec. 18, Perrella Roderick Ross, speeding

Dec. 18, Nirmal Singh, no driver shall use within four hours of going on duty, be under the influence nor possess alcohol

Dec. 19, Johnny Scott Tutsch, seatbelt violation


Dec. 20, Austin J. Zimmerman, no drivers license

Dec. 20, Christopher Michael Conlin, driving under the influence

Dec. 19, Ruth Abijah Goodpasture, obstructing a peace officer

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