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Superior Student Spotlight: Trey Vaughn Green

by Amy Quinlivan For Mineral Independent
| November 27, 2019 7:22 PM

Name: Trey Vaughn Green

Graduation: May 2020

Plans following high school: Montana Tech to study civil engineering.

Do you have any nicknames? T-man. My uncles gave it to me and have been calling me T-man since as long as I can remember.

Was there a chore you really disliked doing as a child? I really really hate doing dishes. The reason why is because whenever it’s my dish night, I always get the egg dishes and they get all slimy. So every time I put my hands in the dish water, I never know when a piece of egg is going to brush up against my hand.

What is the most important lesson that your parents taught you? The most important lesson my parents have taught me is to treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. Another lesson that I believe is equally as good is that nothing is handed to you and if you want something you have to work to get it.

What would be in your dream house some day? One thing that I would put in my dream house would be an indoor spa so that after long days I could relax and just chill out in my spa. I’m just throwing this out there but nothing is better than a nice relaxing hot tub session.

What pets have you had? Do you have a favorite story about a pet? I have had 3 dogs, 1 fish, 1 cat, and a chameleon. My favorite story is of my dog named Chloe. We would yell at her to “get in the closet” and she would get super excited and just run sprints around the house.

What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited and what was it like? The most beautiful place I have ever visited is probably the coast of Mexico. It was just warm all of the time on the beach and when the sunset it just felt like I was in a movie.

How do you socialize and stay active outside of school? I mainly socialize outside of school through sports and just hanging out with my buddies.

What would you say are some true marks of maturity? I would say that a true mark of maturity to me is when someone puts somebody else’s needs before their own. That just means a lot to me.

Twenty years from now what are you hoping your life will look like? I am hoping 20 years from now that I will have a steady job, maybe a wife and some kids running around. Also I would like to live in relatively the same place as some of my high school friends.

It’s almost Thanksgiving, what are you feeling the most thankful for? The thing that I am most thankful for is all of the opportunities my parents and school have given me. Whether it is just going to school and learning, to the food I get every single day.

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