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Plains man still appreciates VFW Auxiliary

| December 16, 2020 12:00 AM

Dear Valley Press,

I read your article about the Plains Auxiliary preparing boxes for soldiers.

In 1976 I was stationed aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Sherman out of Boston, MA. I was one of the people on watch on Christmas day, tied up in Boston.

I had received a letter from my parents and was feeling kind of low because I could not see my family.

On Christmas day I went to the mess deck to report to the officer of the day. When I got there I was told to sit and wait. Then I heard “all personnel currently on board please report to the mess deck.”

That is when they brought out the presents. Some people got presents, some didn’t. When my name was called there was two boxes.

They wanted me to open them up. One was from the VFW Auxiliary and the other from a local church.

In those boxes were sweets and treats. The cook brought out some paper plates and we all shared my gifts.

I was so proud of my hometown. They all told me what a special place and what a wonderful community I came from.

It was not just a gift for one person. They brought kindness and good will to everyone on that ship that day.

Once again, thank you ladies!

William Hoskins, Plains