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St. Regis Student Spotlight: Ashley Wilson

by Amy Quinlivan Mineral Independent
| January 21, 2020 7:51 PM

Name: Ashley Wilson

Graduation: May 18, 2020

St. Regis resident: 2 years

Plans after High School: Attend College and major in biomedical sciences while following a pre-med track.

What are your thoughts on the new smoking law, raising the age to 21? Turning 18 means you have finally reached adulthood; it is accompanied with responsibilities, bills, freedom, voting rights and the ability to enlist into the military or get married. If young adults are trusted with these responsibilities at 18, they should be trusted with the responsibility of making their own choices regarding smoking and tobacco.

What’s your favorite season? Why? My favorite season is autumn because of the beautiful changing colors and the start of school. The beginning of fall feels like a fresh start and a brand new year.

Have you ever had a close call? What happened, and how has that changed you? I have not (thankfully) had a near death experience in my life. However, senior year isn’t over yet, so there is still a chance I might not survive it.

What is something your parents always tell you? My parents always tell me to do what makes me happy and they will support whatever that is. They tell me to believe in myself, no matter what task I am attempting.

What smell brings back great memories? The smell of rain brings back memories of my sister and I when we were little. We used to run out in the rain and dance around the yard until it stopped raining.

What are the biggest issues facing teens today? I think teens face a multitude of issues that most people don’t see. I think it is safe to say teens have the most mental stress out of other age groups today. As well, the lack of faith that society puts on teens today takes a negative toll on the overall well being of teens that is worth addressing.

How often do you help others? I would say I help others as often as possible in my life. The people I help could range from friends and family members to complete strangers on the streets. Through FFA and BPA, I have had many opportunities to help others and make a difference. However, I think there are opportunities to help people in small ways every day, just keep your eyes open!