COVID has challenged Sanders Co. nonprofits

by Connie Foust
| July 30, 2020 5:55 PM

With the cancellation of the Sanders County Fair local non-profit service clubs which relied on it for their main source of revenue for programs they provide during the entire year has required them to try something different to raise funds that go to

benefit the community of Plains and all of Sanders County.

This year has been especially challenging for the Plains Lions Club because of the need for funds for programs and activities they provide not only to Plains, but to all of Sanders County.

The most significant of those being eye screening for all schools in Sanders County for grades kindergarten through high school. This past school year the volunteers screened in excess of 275 students and found several who were referred for followup by an eye professional. The club also has some students who need assistance with the purchase of glasses.

Other services that are provided to the community by the Lions Club include maintaining the local kiddie pool in the local city park, providing a free, fun play area for the little people.

On Halloween the group provides free hotdogs and prizes for the best costumes. Right after Thanksgiving the Lions Club puts up and maintains the Christmas lights on Railroad Ave.

There is more that can be listed but the club wanted to give the community an idea of how we use money normally made at the Sanders County Fair.

Because of Covid, the Lions Club has decided to partner with the Plains Paradise Rural Fire District and hold a benefit-auction on Saturday, Sept. 19 at the Plains Paradise Rural Fire Hall.

Rural fire responds to not only fires, but vehicle accidents to assist in transport of injured by ambulance, they also respond to medical emergencies throughout the area.

Rural fire has high maintenance costs on equipment and needs to have funds to make sure all equipment is in topnotch condition. The 20-plus volunteer firefighters do ongoing training to continue to offer the best service to the people who live in the area.

If you wish to find out about or donate to the upcoming benefit-auction, please see the Facebook page Wild Horse Plains, MT Lions Club.