Sunday, June 20, 2021

LETTER: Stay engaged with social distancing, vigilance

| March 26, 2020 8:43 AM

The threat of Corona Virus is not going away soon.

From all the information that has been gathered the last few weeks, we must all buy in on the actions we are asked to follow.

The statistics learned about the spread of this virus are real and if you look closely should be an eye opener. With the open contacts we have had and the incubation period with possible exposures can cause the exponential explosion of this virus.

That is why we must keep our vigilant approach to avoid exposure to this virus and try to observe the guidelines experts are laying out for us.

Having been in verbal contact with local and state authorities, they are drawing on the most informed specialists to deal medically, financially, and physically as to what is best for Montanans.

Our hospital in Superior assured me they are as prepared as they can be at this time. The Clark Fork Valley Hospital in Plains has set up a special clinic to handle possible cases and have stopped elective surgery for now.

They have also set up a special Nurse Hotline phone number to call for those showing any symptoms or with specific questions. That number is 826-4889. These arrangements are made to reduce the risk of exposure to health care workers and patients.

One other source of informaton is from the State Corona Virus Task Force information hot line, 1-888-333-0461 or e-mail .

With an unknown future due to re-evaluations of positive case numbers, the closing of businesses, and possible further restrictions asked of the public, and healthcare needs, we must all take this very serious.

Being an election year, I might also suggest you sign up for absentee ballots from your local clerk and recorder office.

County offices are also put on limited entry to accommodate the social distancing.

Practice social distancing, stay home as much as possible, especially if you feel ill, disinfect surfaces and

wash your hands often.

Stay in touch with neighbors and friends via phone or social media to help them if needed.

— Rep. Denley M. Loge House District 14 St. Regis, Montana 59866. Phone 649-2368.