Wednesday, August 04, 2021

One man's thoughts on result of presidential election

| November 18, 2020 12:00 AM

Having graduated with a BA in psychology from a mid-western college in 1953 but with no professional standing, I feel comfortable sharing publicly my following views.

After months of absorbing numerous news broadcasts and articles from both Republican and Democratic sources concerning each man's experience, motivation, and personality, I submit the following.

This is a listing of four basic and important reasons I think Joe Biden won the election and Donald Trump lost.

  1. Trump came in with no political experience. Biden is coming in with years of political experience.
  2. Trump has displayed no interest in learning the art of political leadership skills or "working across the aisle." Biden has excellent political leadership skills and has years of experience in "working across the aisle" as former Vice President.
  3. Biden, as president, will continue working with the Republicans in attempting to develop agreed upon policies and programs. Trump is not motivated by political concerns at all. He is totally motivated by self-interest, self-concerns, and self-pride.
  4. Biden has demonstrated, for years, his political motivations by working for all Americans in attempting to move our nation forward. Trump has demonstrated for four years that his motivations are focused on himself. His primary concern has been for his own personal reputation in all his processes of decision-making as president.

These motivations come from a serious psychologically based mental condition. This condition requires him to mentally focus totally on himself and his prideful 'winning at all costs' attitude.

Donald Trump will probably continue this destructive behavior pattern as the weeks, months, and years go by unless he seeks professional help.

Bob McClellan, Missoula