Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Reader urges patience as ballots are counted

| November 18, 2020 12:00 AM


Let the election process go through its complete course.

The media is jumping the gun By calling this election for Biden now. There are severe accusation of vote count irregularities.

Biden can win, but only with the opposition believing the process was fair or all are in for a bumpy road. Biden should want to let the truth come out or his presidency will be miserable if half the nation believes he stole power with fraud. He needs to be patient and win fair and square.

There are many respected Americans that have severe doubts in regard to process integrity.

This is not about Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

This is about “a Republic if you can keep it”(Ben Franklin).

Many Americans have deep distrust in the election process right now. Those people may or may not be mistaken.

In order for our nation to heal and for peaceful change of power this time and in future elections, we must get to the bottom of this.

We must restore confidence in elections, so the looser knows he lost fairly.

Be patient and let this process happen. What’s the rush?!

Hopefully the courts will honestly sort this out so it does not spill out into the streets.

If we can sort this out and restore confidence in elections, we will also be restoring confidence in the courts.

This would be a great day for America and a good example to the world.

Who cares who wins the presidency if we loose our Republic in the process. The process must have integrity or we have lost our Republic as Franklin feared.

Be patient and diligent America. Look for the truth without bias. We should want truth.

If we can’t restore confidence in elections we don’t have a nation.

We can tolerate/endure bad leaders for a time and recover, but if we loose the Republic we are in real bad shape. Chill...take a deep patient.

We have a good system. Let it work.

Mark French, Plains