Sanders County Justice Court

| November 18, 2020 12:00 AM

Montana Highway Patrol

Nov. 5, Patricia Hennessy Nelson, speeding

Nov. 6, Devlin Ryan Sheridan, careless driving

Nov. 4, Zoe Nicole Curtiss, operating without liability insurance in effect-first offense,

Nov. 4, Steven Lee Leggitt, speeding

Nov. 3, Wyatt L. Carr, operating with expired registration-failure to reregister

Nov. 6, John Anthony Bills, speeding

Nov. 4, Virgil Dean Otto, seatbelt violation

Nov. 7, Stephen John Walters, seatbelt violations

Sanders County Sheriff’s Office

Nov. 5, Dyna Beth Kuehnle, speeding

Nov. 4, Bruce James Pedersen, violating speed limit near school or senior citizen center

Motor Carrier Services

Nov. 3, Patrick Daniel R. Baker, operating a commercial motor vehicle without a commercial drivers license-first offense, fail to follow conditions and requirements of special permit

Nov. 5, Bruce Allen Edwards, driver disqualified under 391.11 or 391.15

Nov. 4, Gustave Charles Lang, operate in excess of gross vehicle weight license