Saturday, February 27, 2021

Sanders County Justice Court

| February 17, 2021 12:00 AM

Montana Highway Patrol

Feb. 1, Kelby A. Liebman, careless driving

Feb. 1, Jacob Nathaniel Liebman, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia

Feb. 4, Tristan Aidan Falcon Riley, fail to carry proof or exhibit/insurance in vehicle, operating with expired registration-failure to reregister, speeding

Oct. 14, Lucas Ryan Elias Clark, unlawful possession of open alcoholic beverage container in motor vehicle on highway, seatbelt violation, fail to keep vehicle under control on mountain, Feb. 2, operating without liability insurance in effect

Feb. 2, Melissa Rose Runkle, ROW violation-fail to yield to vehicle on through highway

Feb. 3, Jordan Dean Duval, operating without liability insurance in effect

Feb. 5, Evan T. Hughes, seatbelt violation

Feb. 1, Reno Lee Fabian, seatbelt violation

Feb. 4, Daniel Robert Helterline, seatbelt violation

Feb. 4, Duane I. Miller, seatbelt violation

Feb. 4, James Leonard Evans, careless driving, driving without a valid drivers license, seatbelt violation

Feb. 2, Humberto Gabriel Flores, speeding

Feb. 4, Richard Wayne Kimberly, speeding

Feb. 2, Julia Janette Sanderson, speeding

Feb. 3, Matthew Daniel Clarke, speeding

Feb. 2, Terri Lynn Eckel, speeding

Feb. 3, Amber Dawn Johnson, violating speed limit near school or senior center

Feb. 1, Curtis Gene Lee, speeding

Feb. 4, Seth James McKay, speeding

Sanders County Sheriff’s Office

Feb. 3, Steven Douglas Grimm, partner or family member assault, causing bodily

injury to partner or family member-first offense, resisting arrest

Feb. 2, Charles Leigh Deutch, speed

Feb. 3, Caleb Lee Rosich, speeding

Feb. 1, Scott C. Jones, speed

Feb. 5, Ricky E. Breitenbach, speeding

Feb. 4, Bradley J. Pierce, speed

Feb. 6, Erik W. Nevatt, speed

Motor Carrier Services

Feb. 4, Richard Clyde Mare, no/bad/inadequate load securement