Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Mineral County law roundup

| July 21, 2021 12:00 AM

July 7

 Theft, Main Street, St. Regis, Deputy responded.

 Traffic Stop, I-90 EB MM 55, Deputy completed traffic stop.

 Fire, Ward Creek, Dispatch advised the reporting party they Forest Service is on scene.

 Fire, Bighorn Road, Superior, Superior Fire responded.

 Traffic Stop, I-90 EB MM 45, Deputy issued citation for speeding.

 Fire, MT Highway 135 MM 8, Dispatch took information from Sanders County, advised concerned citizens who were calling in that we are aware and Forest Service is on scene.

 Smoke, Juniper Lane, Superior, Forest Service advised.

 Fireworks, Main Street, St. Regis, Deputy responded, spoke with teens, confiscated fireworks, and released teens to their parents.

 Medical Service Required, Mullan Road West, Superior, Superior EMS and Superior Fire responded.

 Property Damage, Mullan Road West, Superior, Deputy responded.

 Lost Item, Bible Lane, Alberton, Dispatch took the information.

 Assault with Weapon, Elizabeth Lane, Deputy responded and with cooperation from outside agency apprehended the suspect and transported the suspect to the Mineral County Jail.

 Fire, Two Mile Road, St. Regis, St. Regis and West End Fires responded.

 Assist Outside Agency, Southside Road, Superior, Deputy responded.

 Fire, Nemote Creek, Superior, Superior Fire responded.

 Medical Assistance Required, Packer Creek Road, Saltese, Superior EMS and West End Units responded.

 Traffic Stop, I-90 MM 43, Deputy issued citation for speeding.

 Traffic Stop, MT Highway 135 MM 2, Deputy issued citation for failure to exhibit/carry insurance, verbal warning for white light to the rear.

July 8

 Fire, Keystone Gulch, Dispatch advised Forest Service who thinks it may be in relation to the fire they already are fighting up there.

 Suspicious Activity, Tamarack Creek Road, St. Regis, Deputy responded.

 Fire, Mill Creek, St. Regis, Dispatch call Forest Service who advised they are aware of this fire and are currently working on putting it out.

 Partner Family Member Assault, Adams Street, Alberton, Deputies responded.

 Traffic Stop, I-90 WB MM 41, Deputy issued citation for failure to yield to a stationary emergency vehicle.

 Welfare Check, I-90 EB MM 39, Transferred call to MHP.

 Motor Vehicle Incident, I-90 WB MM 77, Deputy and French Town Units responded.

 Smoke, I-90 MM 60, Superior Fire responded.

 Theft, Second Creek Road, Superior, Deputy responded.

 Civil Attempt, Monte Circle Drive, St. Regis, Deputy completed Civil Service.

 Drugs Found, MT Highway 135 and US Highway 10, Deputy responded and took possession of the drugs.

 Missing Persons, Cedar Creek Road, Superior, Deputies and Search and Rescue responded, missing persons located and everyone is OK.

July 9

 Traffic Stop, Cedar Creek Road and Diamond Match Road, Deputy completed traffic stop.

 Fire, I-90 EB MM 0-5, St Regis Units and West End Units responded.

 Traffic Stop, Big Eddy, Superior, Deputy advised persons that this area is day use only and they need to move on.

 Drugs, Horning Drive, Superior, Deputy responded.

 Traffic Stop, Tarkio Fishing Access, Superior, Deputy completed traffic stop.

July 10

 Welfare Check, I-90 EB MM 72, Deputy checked on driver who was OK.

 Theft, I-90 EB MM 66, Deputy responded.

 Suspicious Activity, Tami Drive East, Superior, Deputies responded.

 Fire, Tarkio Loop, Superior, Superior Fire responded.

 Suspicious Activity, Pine Street, Superior, Deputy responded and transported suspect to the Mineral County Jail.

 Medical Assistance Required, MT Highway 135, St. Regis, Superior EMS and St. Regis Units responded.

 Child Welfare Check, Old Milwaukee Spur, Alberton, Deputies responded.

July 11

 Remains Found, Dena Mora Rest Area, Deputy responded.

 Smoke, I-90 EB MM 39, St. Regis Units and Forest Service responded.

 Warrant Served, Long Dog Lane, Superior, Deputy served warrant, inmate transferred to Mineral County Jail.

 Trespass, Railroad Turn Road, St. Regis, Deputies responded, suspect’s vehicle towed and suspect transport to Mineral County Jail.

 Intoxicated Subject, Tarkio Fishing Access, Superior, MHP advised, Deputies responded, gone on arrival.

 Traffic Stop, Mullan Gulch Road, St. Regis, Deputy issued warning for parking in handicap space.

July 12

 Medical Assistance Required, Main Street, St. Regis, St. Regis Units responded.

 Theft, Twin Creek Road, Deborgia, Deputy responded.

 Medical Assistance Required, Dena Mora Rest Area, Superior EMS and West End Units responded.

 Traffic Stop, I-90 EB MM 75, Deputy issued warnings for speeding, expired registration, and obstructed view.

 Traffic Stop, I-90 WB MM 52, Deputy issued citation for excessive speeding.

July 13

 Assist Outside Agency, 2nd Street, Alberton, Deputy responded.

 Disturbance, Deborgia Haugan Frontage Road, Haugan, Deputy responded.

 Traffic Stop, 4th Avenue East, Superior, Deputy completed stop.

 Information, Main Avenue, Superior, Dispatch took information that assistance for a funeral procession is requested.

 Partner Family Member Assault, Westfall Road, Superior, deputies responded.