Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sanders County Justice Court

| June 9, 2021 12:00 AM

Montana Highway Patrol

May 26, Travis Robert Schopp, seatbelt violation

May 26, Kele T. Alden-Odekirk, driving a motor vehicle while privilege to do so is suspended or revoked first offense, speeding

May 26, Shawn Robert Andres, seatbelt violation

May 28, Don Delmar Detienne, seatbelt violation

May 27, Dallas Ray Pottroff, seatbelt violation

May 27, Robert A. Driscoll, speeding

May 25, Kidder Allen Kindelspire, speeding

May 27, Ronald Lewis Knighton, speeding

May 26, Chance Christian Adams, speeding

May 27, Leilani Hooper, speeding

May 27, Jessica Louise Brooks, speeding

May 26, Dakota Bryant Theademan, speeding

May 28, Tayler Ann Henderson, seatbelt violation

May 27, Sanya Parvyn Hooser, seatbelt violation

May 27, Mark Douglas Huckaba, speeding

May 27, James Robert Jermyn, seatbelt violation

May 27, Isaac Edwin Rivinius, seatbelt violation

May 24, Daniel Francis Haggerty, violation in a construction zone

May 27, Braxen Thomas Williams, speeding

May 26, Logan Wyatt Buckner, leave scene of accident resulting in property damage over $1,000 w/o permission from law enforcement, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, fail to give notice of accident by quickest means/apparent damage over $1,000-first offense, driving without a valid driver's license-has never possessed

May 30, Nicholas Frank Jr. Ferrara, speeding

May 25, Amy Michelle Noyes, speeding

May 28, Richard Walter Gardner, speeding

Sanders County Sherffi’s Office

May 27, Michael L. Rafshoon, speeding

May 25, Elizabeth J. Sherman, speed

May 28, Michael Patrick Antonich, speeding

May 27, Lukas Tyler Davis, speeding

May 27, William J. Russell, speed

Motor Carrier Services

May 28, Douglas Sherman Jr. Watson, driver failing to use seatbelt

May 27, Gerald Robert Pedersen, fail to follow conditions and requirements of special permit