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Thompson Falls resident shares thoughts on Covid

| September 22, 2021 12:00 AM


My comments regarding County Board of Health; COVID Restrictions.

1) Masks not rated to filter particles as small as a virus are ineffective and irrelevant - useless theater.

2) Vaccination with current [yet to be FDA approved contrary to media reporting] production line products [Pfizer, Moderna, etc...] are proving to be ineffective and irrelevant according to numbers reported at VAERS website that links to CDC website.

3) When you come to ER feeling sick we are told to go home and come back if symptoms get worse without receiving treatment with the long approved medication and nutrition already proven to work [Azithromycin, hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, high dose Vitamin C]. 'Come back later to get Ventilated'.

4) Government (notably CDC) instructing our doctors and hospitals what 'protocol' to follow [ventilation and sedation] is proving harmful. Ventilators when turned up high will scar the lungs, results are lungs cannot perform their function. Death by 'protocol'. They bled patients 300 years ago, now they are Ventilated.

5) Government, Administrative Boards, and unelected Councils of Government directing our hospitals, doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, how to practice medicine is wrong in every way. Medical practice is dead, succumbing to Government dictate.

Lark Chadwick, Thompson Falls, Montana

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