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Legals for August, 17 2022

| August 17, 2022 12:00 AM

LONGVIEW SITE GRAVEL PIT OPERATION (REVISED FROM JULY 13, 2022) SECTION 26, T15N, R25W MINERAL COUNTY OPERATOR: KNIFE RIVER 4800 WILKIE ROAD MISSOULA, MT 59808 406-532-5225 This is a revised notice to let the public know the original permit acreage has been reduced by 7.3 acres. A portion previously included on the east side of the original 81.7 acre permit is owned by a different party and that portion has been removed from the amendment. Knife River now proposes to amend its existing 20 acre gravel mining permit to add an additional 54.4 acres for a total of 74.4 acres. The permit is located along the Longview Ranch Road near the junction with Nemote Creek Road. The site currently has a 5-acre open pit with small stockpiles and flat floor that rises into higher, timber covered terrain. The final reclamation date will now be December 2050. As much as a total of 14.0 million cubic yards of sand and gravel may be removed from this site and up to 110,000 cubic yards of soil will be saved for reclamation. The site is accessed directly from the Longview Ranch Road. The pit could be operated intermittently anytime 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Mining and hauling may include the use of dozers, loaders, scrapers, haul trucks, fuel trucks, seeders, road watering and other equipment typical of heavy construction. More stationary equipment including a crusher, conveyors, a wash plant, a ready mix plant and an asphalt plant could be mobilized in and used at any time over the next 27 years. Published in the Mineral Independent on August 10, August 17, 2022. MNAXLP