Friday, May 27, 2022

Hot Springs High School closed following alleged threat

Valley Press | May 11, 2022 12:00 AM

In what police say is an eliminated threat to Hot Springs High School that began this past Monday evening, a suspect has been taken into custody and no further danger exists from the episode.

According to Hot Springs Schools Superintendent Gerald Chouinard, the alleged threat occurred late in the evening this past Monday when a message was posted on social media indicative of a threat to the school.

Both the Sanders County Sheriff’s Office and the Hot Springs Police Department took part in the investigation that led to the apprehension of a juvenile student from the school.

“A juvenile was taken into custody and subsequently suspended by the school,” said Hot Springs Chief of Police Eric Pfleger. “The case has been turned over to juvenile authorities and at this time (Saturday) no known motive has been released”.

The incident prompted school officials to issue notices to parents and students and close the school for this past Tuesday, including canceling all extra-curricular activities.

“In an abundance of caution, school will be closed Tuesday (5-3-22)”, said the notice. “We will remain closed until the threat is mitigated. No students should report to school, no employees should report to work”.

The note announced there would be an update when the status of the incident and the ensuing investigation had changed.

That change came quickly thanks to a quick response from local and county police, which had cleared the threat by noon Wednesday.

“As of this hour today (Tuesday 5-3) the threat found on social media (believed to be Facebook) in the late evening, the threat has been eliminated,” an official school statement said. “Many thanks to the Sanders County Sheriff’s Office and the Hot Springs Police Department on their thorough and successful investigation. Thank you to our parents, staff, students and community for your help and support”.

Classes and other school activities were up and running by Wednesday morning.

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