Friday, December 02, 2022

Spotlight on the Arts: Lillian MacDonald

by Kristen Cole Plains Schools Art Teacher
| September 28, 2022 12:00 AM

As a 17-year-old senior at Plains High School, Lillian MacDonald (Lily) is an accomplished musician and singer. She comes from a musical family, and she plays six different instruments ~ drums, ukulele, guitar, and more. Because her favorite musical activitiy is singing, her preferred instrument is the guitar because she can play and sing at the same time. As if playing six instruments and singing is not enough, she also writers her own songs!

As an interviewer, this was not my first opportunity to talk with this talented young lady. A few years ago, she rode with me and my daughter to a swim meet in Conrad, Montana. She sang all the way with my daughter. When we entered the pool room, not only did she swim, but she also assessed the acoustics in the room!

MacDonald has loved singing since she was a young child. She was inspired by her grandmother, Lillian Walker, and her great grandmother, “T” Terri Walker, who were bot singers. MacDonald moved to Montana when she was in the sixth grade and joined an after-school club where students played ukuleles and sang songs. She fell in love with that activity and wanted to learn more and more! Her music teacher, Brittany Nicholes, inspired her to continue with her musical journey, which led to the drums, the guitar, bass guitar and more.

Because MacDonald’s interests are broad, she has several favorite musical pieces. For drums she loves playing the “Seven Nation Army” for pep band. For the guitar she loves Ed Sheeron’s “Photographs.” And her favorite choir piece is “As I went A-Roaming” by May H. Brahe, which she sang at a state competition.

MacDonald’s advice to others who are interested in music, learning a new instrument, or preparing for a performance is - “Don’t think, just do!” Her guidance includes “Be creative, don’t give up, and keep practicing again and again.”

As for the future, MacDonald plans to attend college and possibly earn a degree in music. She looks forward to being in a huge choir, writing songs, and possibly teaching others to love music, as she furthers her education. She will probably apply to Great Falls College, but she is open to other schools that may help her further her musical interest. And, as if her musical activities were not enough to keep her busy, she hopes to continue wrestling at the college level.

MacDonald is an inspiration for others and will surely succeed in a musical career.

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