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Food bank facing higher costs than ever

| May 31, 2023 12:00 AM

The Community Food Bank of Mineral County would like to thank Mineral County Residents and those who partner with us in our efforts to “End Hungry Tomorrows, Today."

This is so appreciated especially in today’s economy. The food bank has been serving our community for over 30 years.

Food costs are higher than last year. Fact, utilities, rent /mortgage, taxes , gas and insurance have risen to scary levels. When the economy tanks, families take from their flexible food budget to cover other fixed expenses, increasing the need for households to access their local food banks. This is not just a local problem. This economy is affecting every food bank in the state.

In March 2022, the food bank served 83 households with 146 individuals vs. March of 2023 when 98 households served with 203 individuals. Sadly, we are giving out less food than last year because our donated dollars are not going as far.

The food bank has had to quit buying things like jelly, juice and bread. Peanut butter used to be one of our staple protein foods that we were able to provide to everyone. We cannot afford to do that now. Only families with children will get peanut butter.

The cuts we have made has made it possible to keep our food bank operating. A misconception is that the food bank receives free food to give to the clients. Not true, the food bank spent over $31,000 last year on food to stock the shelves. Fact, that amount will be much higher this year.

The food bank would like to remind our local green thumb gardeners that we welcome any donations of fresh produce. Our clients are always grateful for the additional nutrition this brings to their families.

The food bank is always seeking volunteers to help on Fridays, especially during the summer months. Our hours are 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1 to 3 p.m. You are invited to stop in any Friday to check us out, at 45 Mullan Rd. West, in Superior.

Donations of food can be made on Fridays during operating hours. Please check items for expired dates prior to drop off. Monetary tax-deductible donations can be made at the food bank on Fridays or mailed to P.O. box 46 Superior, Montana 59872. After hours donations or emergency assistance can be made by contacting Rose Duncan at 406-822-2551.

Your continued support is necessary to “End Hungry Tomorrows, Today.”

— Rose Duncan, Community Food Bank of Mineral County