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Commissioner regrets text message

| November 15, 2023 12:00 AM
I recently sent a text I deeply regret. Calling it unprofessional doesn’t begin to justify my actions. Frankly it can only be categorized as down right mean.

I own my actions. I make no justifications.

I do ask my fellow mineral county citizens to allow me to be the agent of change we need in our beautiful county.

Our politics have gotten ugly. We have become divided. I know we don’t expect each other to spout off in such a manner, and we certainly don’t expect that from a commissioner.

I have a few programs I would like to bring back to our local government. And I make a personal commitment to you, that I will get more out into our community and work with our local nonprofits and community based organizations.

I will move forward continuing to do my best as a commissioner and as a human being.

— Mineral County Commissioner Dawn Terrill