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Spotlight on the Arts: Alex Horodyski

by Kristen Cole
| September 27, 2023 12:00 AM

“Spotlight on the Arts” by The Paradise Center honors and encourages students in the arts by highlighting their talent and acknowledging the support they receive through their schools and teachers.

Alex Horodyski is 17 years old and a senior at Plains High School. Under the direction of Terry Henry, he is furthering a love for acting that began when he was 11 years old. At that young age, he was inspired by the way actors could bring a story to life, making it flow, reaching the audience.

Now as a senior, Horodyski has been in 5 plays: A Little Piece of Heaven; Adam and Eve; Clue; Boxes; and Conflict. His favorite role was as Jared Havens in A Little Piece of Heaven. His character was reaching 50 years of age, not an easy accomplishment for a then 16-year-old. Acting, like any artform requires time and practice – as much as two hours each day prior to finally delivering a performance. He notes being inspired by watching performances of Macbeth.

But, Horodyski’s talents do not stop with performing. He has worked on creating homecoming floats, designing costumes (often accompanied by headpieces), photography, and much more. Again, he notes his interest and work are inspired by making things come to life. His favorite creation was a paintball mask with a LED display. Sadly, the button broke running the display screen, but that did not discourage him. The joy is in the creative process.

Regarding advice to aspiring artists, Horodyski encourages them to try new things. That advice is both to develop skills and to make each individual feel more accomplished in life.

Like many young artists, Horodyski has family members who are also involved in various forms of art. His mother was an actress, and several family members are musicians. He credits his family for ongoing support and inspiration. They provide feedback and sometimes help in the creation of his projects.

As a senior, the future is open for Horodyski. He plans to continue making replicas of movie props, like the iron man helmet. He also plans to work, to provide funds for college, and to continue acting when the opportunity presents itself. His long-term aspiration is to become a military contractor.