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Mineral County Community Foundation awards scholarships

Mineral Independent | April 3, 2024 12:00 AM

The Mineral County Community Foundation last month made decisions on its 2024 scholarship awards. Students from all three school districts applied and the board chose to award all seven applicants.  

The scholarships of $2,000, awarded to three students with exemplary community volunteerism, were awarded to Owen Doyle and Lanie Crabb from Superior, and Brooke Filek from St. Regis.  Four scholarships of $1,000 were awarded to Chloe Williams, Jason Merrill, Micah Acker from Superior, and Lacey Zimmerman from Alberton. 

Selections are made based on community service, leadership qualities, scholastic achievement, extracurricular activities and overall character.   

Mineral County Community Foundation President Liz Gupton was pleased to explain the boost in the scholarships. 

“With increased funds from our endowment and grants from Headwaters and the Woodhouse Foundations, MCCF is able to award larger scholarships now," she said. "That’s a good thing, since the costs of getting an education have steadily gone up, she shared. Besides Gupton, the following board members contributed to our scholarship decisions: Elaine Sedeora, Sheelia Miller, Cathy Kuhl, and Glenn Koepke and Debbie Hanson. Congratulations to all the winners!” beamed Gupton. The Mineral County Community Foundation wishes these students success as they begin their studies this fall.”

The following are the aspirations of these students, in their own words:

Lanie Crabb, Superior High School

“My plan for the near future is to attend the University of Montana Western in Dillon, Montana for a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education. I hope to major in History and minor in English.  After graduating with my degree, I aim to work in the school system in Montana.  Someday, I would like to come back to Superior and join the outstanding education program that my school has. I am choosing teaching as my career because of the positive influences that my teachers have had on me. I want to someday be the person that helps students in a difficult situation, motivates them to set goals for their lives, inspires them to be good, well-rounded people, and helps them discover the joy in learning.”

Owen Dyle, Superior High School 

“I was born and raised in Montana and have a deep passion for the beauty of our state, especially the trout streams that our state offers. I plan to attend the University of Montana to receive a bachelor’s in business with the hopes of owning my own fly shop somewhere in Western Montana. My biggest dream for this fly shop is to leave my customers with everlasting joy for this activity that I have so much passion for. I want to be one of the most successful and well known fly shops in all of Montana and have avid fly-fishers or even people with no experience come to my business to catch fish. All of this will take time, perseverance, motivation, and determination, but I know that the sky's the limit with this burning desire I have for owning my own business. Community service has and always will be something that is crucial for a community to succeed and I want to make Superior a better place by helping any way possible. I have such a passion for not only my community but also the ones who make up my community.”

Brooke Filek, St Regis High School  

“My intended occupation for my life is to be a licensed cosmetologist and microblading artist. I have chosen this career because I want to be a part of helping people find confidence within themselves. After completing my schooling, I plan to work towards my goal of becoming not only a cosmetologist but a salon owner as well. I plan on attending Montana Academy of Salons in Great Falls to receive my license. Although there are many reasons that I want to become a cosmetologist, the biggest one is that I want to make a difference in people's lives by helping them find confidence and beauty within themselves. I want to provide a safe space for people to come to relax and enjoy themselves, while getting their services done. Confidence is an important part of success, and I want to help all of my clients to feel confident and beautiful.”

Micah Acker, Superior High School 

“In the Fall of 2024, I will attend Rocky Mountain College's four-year fixed-wing Aeronautical Science Program in Billings to pursue a career as a commercial airline pilot. I chose Rocky Mountain College because I can obtain my private and commercial flying license while receiving a bachelor’s degree. My interest in becoming a pilot peaked when my uncle started taking flight lessons and encouraged me to try flying out before settling on a career. I reached out to Minuteman Aviation in Missoula and started taking lessons. Last summer, I was able to fly for 13 hours and completed a solo flight. Throughout this experience, I learned that aviation is the perfect career for me. In my senior year, I will obtain my multi-engine rating and graduate, ready to be hired by an airline company. To complete my career track in 4 years, I will need to spend summer break at Rocky Mountain College to complete the flight hours required to graduate. With my goal set on a career in the aviation field and with a straightforward educational plan, I am positive I will succeed at Rocky Mountain College and become a commercial pilot.”

Lacey Zimmerman, Alberton High School

“Recently, I decided that I will attend the University of Montana to pursue a major in pre-physical therapy and a minor in psychology. I will also be a part of the Davidson Honors College to improve myself and help build my resume for applying to the graduate program to receive my doctorate in physical therapy. I have always been interested in the medical field so I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the field from an early age, but I was struggling to decide what career until I injured myself in my freshman year of high school. I tore multiple ligaments in my ankle the summer before freshman year. I had to have two surgeries over the course of the next six months. After the surgeries, I was referred to a physical therapist to help with the healing process, and that’s when I fell in love with physical therapy.”

Jason Merrill, Superior High School

“I have made the decision to join the Montana National Guard. The Guard is a branch of the military that will help pay your tuition in exchange for your service and because of my experience in scouting and my family history in the military I think it would be a good fit. I will probably also need a part time job in college to pay for housing and food. With the funds in hand, I plan to pursue a 4-year degree in mechanical engineering at Montana Technological University in Butte.  After which I will find an engineering job somewhere in western Montana and hopefully make enough to support a family and give my children college funds of their own.”

Chloe Williams, Superior High School

“I will attend the pre-medical program at the University of Montana in the fall of 2024. As a student, I have taken it upon myself to take classes such as AP Language and Composition, College American History I and II, AP English Literature and Composition, Physics and Chemistry, and various other college courses through the Running Start program through Flathead Community College. In the following years, I hope to be finishing up my time at the University of Montana moving from pre-med up to medical school.  I hope to attend Carroll College for this next step in my medical journey, to become a radiologist. My family members have worked hard in various medical fields to provide for others and their caring nature has always been something I have looked up to and strive to continue in my life. I am determined to continue my education and help people in the medical field.”

    Brooke Filek
    Owen Doyle
    Jason Merrill
    Chloe Williams
    Lacey Zimmerman
    Micah Acker