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Church celebrates local couple's long marriage

Mineral Independent | July 10, 2024 12:00 AM

They met at the Missoula Mercantile in 1955.

“He worked in the hardware department and I worked in the credit department. He was going to the University of Montana and I was attending the Lutheran Bible Institute in Seattle but back for my off season,” shared Lorraine Moyer on how she and her husband, Keith, came to meet. 

Lorraine was born in Missoula and Keith in Great Falls. Their church, Superior Assembly of God, surprised the Moyers and helped them celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary recently.  

“We feel that we are so blessed that we both have each other and both of sound mind, we think” Lorraine laughed. “Melanie and I first encountered Keith and Lorraine, when we came to check out the church, without anyone knowing why we were there. Keith and Lorraine were one of the first couples to introduce themselves and we were impressed by their warmth and genuineness,” recalled pastor Tim Fox. “Keith, as he attested when we had the surprise celebration for them said, ‘I married up.’ Keith has his own warm smile and never is caught without a joke of some sort.”

Married June 23, 1957, in Missoula, Keith continued his education graduating from UM. He has a master’s from the University of Wyoming and taught math, chemistry and physics for 40 years. Lorraine was a parish secretary in Seattle, senior field clerk at Northwest Pipeline in Wyoming and co-pastored with Keith at Christian Life Center in Wyoming. They were Wyoming State Leaders for Marriage Ministries International.

The Moyers had three children: Debbie, Sheryl and David. They have produced 10 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and have many children of the heart. David and his wife, Nikki, have moved closer so they could take care of Lorraine and Keith when the time comes. If it ever comes.  

“I only hope I have as much energy as they do when I reach that age,” Fox said. “This couple certainly is an encouragement not only to this congregation, but also to the communities of Superior and St Regis.” 

The Moyer’s continue to minister at the church, and they are a part of a group that holds regular services for the long-term care patients at Mineral County Hospital. Keith’s lifelong hobby has been collecting coins. 

“I enjoyed teaching the kids at school. I also enjoy teaching the Bible. If you really like what you do, then it’s really not work. That’s kind of where I was,” he grins.

A member of the church, Wanda James, wanted to take their wedding album home to look at one day, and it was turned into a video for their surprise party, and it is now on YouTube. The surprise party caught them off guard, but they thoroughly had a terrific time, as did the members of their congregation. 

“Our church gave us the celebration of a lifetime”, Lorraine beamed. 

One member asked, “How could you live so long and have such a happy marriage?” 

Lorraine didn’t miss a beat when she said, “First of all, the Lord, and secondly, we are two good forgivers. We love each other more today than we did before.”