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Fun and games fill final day of Love to Read program

by TRACY SCOTT Valley Press
| March 6, 2024 12:00 AM

Plain’s Elementary School students last week received recognition and prizes for their participation in the Love to Read program. 

The day’s celebration included fun games and a chance to find out who are the better basketball players, students or teachers. This is the first year a student-staff basketball game has taken place, thanks to the idea first presented by the Plains Elementary Student Council. This is the 16th year the program has taken place.

The top five Accelerated Reader point earners for grades 3-6 in the Love to Read program for this year were: 

(top earner for the grade are listed first)

3rd Grade - Mateo Hart, Coltyn Young, Kameron Felstet, Shelley Bourque, Ashlynn Weedeman. 

4th Grade - Connor Sherwood, Jace Russell, Isaac Ericksen, Gavin Brown, Lilliana Decker.

5th Grade - Kalen Chenoweth, Jude Meaden, Palmer Revier, Jace Wickum, Lacey Kulawinski.

6th Grade - Lydia Sherwood, Mia Equall, Wesley Loveall, Mikaila Bourque, Alliyah Bourque.

Overall the top point earners were Connor Sherwood, Lydia Sherwood, Jace Russell, Mia Equall, Kalen Chenoweth

Students started out the festivities in the new gymnasium with games ranging from tic-tac-toe to the timed and balance testing relay race. Each game had a member of the student honor society explaining the game rules and keeping things under control. School paraprofessional Denise Earhart said this was their 16th year doing the games. 

The day of fun and games ended in a hotly contested basketball game between students and staff. Student basketball players were chosen from the pool of Love to Read program participants. 

Some individuals, who asked not to be identified, said the game was rigged in favor of the students. Further investigation, by this reporter, found out that the student’s basket was lowered to a short 8 foot 6 inches, while the staff’s basket was a staggering height of 10 feet. 

Additional accusations claimed that referees, Jack Revier and school principal Kevin Meredith, were making one-sided calls. Meredith was seen making several baskets for the students. 

Could it be that Meredith was made an offer he couldn’t refuse? 

The student team quickly took the lead and never looked back. A deafening roar echoed from the bleachers by grades third through sixth in support of their classmates when the game ended with the student coming out on top with a score of fifty and the staff way behind with 34 points. 

“Their plan is to run them off the course,” Meredith said. 

That plan never materialized. He did say, after the game, “the kids had a blast.”

    Isaac Wilder falls off his scooter during his race with Ryker Danders. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)
    Mikaela Carabis, Harrison LeClair, Peyton Vacura-Larsen take part in the Connect Four basketball game. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)
    The race is on between Paisley Strowbridge and Ella Bright, with Plains senior Peyton Wasson keeping a close eye on the fun. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)