Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Plains students organize Super Senior Prom

by TRACY SCOTT Valley Press
| March 27, 2024 12:00 AM

Plain’s school students outdid themselves on the decorations for the first Super Senior Prom that took place in the gymnasium last Wednesday.

What better way to honor the valley’s senior citizens than to celebrate with them during an afternoon of fun, socializing, dancing and snacking?

The idea of having an event to honor area senior citizens was first envisioned by Plains School Superintendent Kathleen Walsh. The plan blossomed into including help from student council members, teachers, aides and both kindergarten classes. Invitations went out community wide, including the Plains Senior Center and the long-term care facility at Clark Fork Valley Hospital.

The Super Senior Prom was well attended by 25 seniors and around a dozen student council members acting as waiters. Student council members also became willing dance partners for the ladies and gentlemen that came to the prom without dates. 

Plain’s High School graduate Tom Cleveland, from the class of 1968 said, “I think that those kids are fabulous, outgoing, and very entertaining. They did a wonderful job.”

The dance portion of the prom got off to a slow start until Walsh was able to get Tom Cleveland on to the dance floor with her. That loosened up the crowd, followed by several of the student council members picking partners. 

Freshman Emelia Rivinius was seen on the dance floor with long-term care member Ben Saylor, while 102-year-old Laura Gee was seen dancing with senior John Thurston. Gee was a poplar dance partner and was on the floor numerous times with several partners.

    Dancing started off slow until Plains Superintendent Kathleen Walsh got things going with Pat Cleveland. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)
    Kindergartener Kylie Beighey gets a hug from 102-year-old Laura Gee during the girst Super Senior Prom. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)
    Clark Fork Valley Hospital social worker Tasha Steffens encouraging Laura Gee to dance. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)