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Plains art students show off talents

by TRACY SCOTT Valley Press
| May 22, 2024 12:00 AM

Plains High School artists continued a decades long tradition of showing off their art work.

Forty-four students created and displayed 240 pieces of artwork in the new gymnasium and art room. One piece of artwork will be displayed in the school cafeteria. This work was a combined effort of several students in the sophomore and junior class. 

Many of the pieces were for sale. A variety of media was used this year, including ceramic, pencil, pen, clay, paint, papier-mâché, and the occasional trash can. 

The artwork ranged in size from the smallest, a tiny textbook created by Jackson Leckey and Hunter Bradley to a giant three foot by eight-foot sized Kleenex box built by Kaylene Morkert and Wyatt Josephson. Close behind the Kleenex box in size was a Stanley Trash Can art project, made from two trash cans and papier-mâché. This piece was made by Ava Lawyer and Emilia Rivinus, taking two weeks of class time to complete.

So many of the pieces were noteworthy, showing off the talent being generated from the art program. A piece that stood out to this reporter was the painting created by Senior Alex Horodyski. He created it in honor of his veteran father who served in the Air Force, titled “Lost Friend” In the independent art category. Another beautiful painting titled “The Season Tree” was created by Iza Bakker in the 3-D category.

Art teacher Kristen Cole has been mentoring art students and helping each display their artwork for the last 31 years. 

“We have some very talented kids," Cole said.

Artwork judged by Cole and students, was on display in glass cases lining the entrance hallway. Additional creations were on display in the gymnasium and break room.

Students were able to sell 20 pieces, with the highest price going to Jasmine Trull, a nontraditional painting done with tea for her artwork called “Pretty Pitt.” 

Winner of the student vote for Exhibition 2024, is an Oil Painting titled “Het Meer” (Dutch) by Emory Ercanbrack. It means the lake in Dutch. Ercanbrack received help with the naming the oil painting from foreign exchange student Isa Bakker who is Dutch. Ercanbrack was the only student to enter an oil painting, and this was her first time to submit artwork in that medium.

    Alex Horodyski shows the artwork he painted for his veteran father. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)
    Some of the top picks for the art show. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)
    Sam Seliksa keeps the art show attendees entertained. (Tracy Scott/Valley Press)