Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Public lands

| May 29, 2024 12:00 AM

During the May 17 HD90 debate in Alberton, candidate Steve Delisle, a self-described "blue-state refugee" pitched his idea to privatize Montana's public lands, starting in Mineral County.  

Delisle revealed this plan as a solution to our housing crisis and revealed Delisle's desire to sell our state to the highest bidder. If land development is the path to affordable housing, Delisle could offer his tax-haven hobby-ranch for development first. Instead of pasturing a few pet cattle, build 300 homes for the good of all! Though I suspect Delisle enjoys the refuge provided by owning a piece of Montana.  

Unfortunately, he's willing to sell our refuge: the public lands that we collectively own and enjoy, and that exist for every citizen's benefit. I advocate for the wildlife and natural resources that make Mineral County the place we have chosen to call home. A place chosen before Delisle showed up to advocate for desecrating our Public Lands for development and profit.  

The loss of public lands won't reduce housing prices, it will benefit ultra-wealthy developers — the very people who caused the current housing crisis.

Say no to Steve Delisle and candidates like him, before they turn Montana into the place they fled.

— Ted Hartman, Superior