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The Plains Community Food Bank would like to thank the Town Pump Charitable Foundation and the Plains Town Pump ...

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Kvelve's Comments: Deer need highway etiquette course

I, Charles K., hit a deer.

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Food for Thought: Internet Pornography - The New Crack Cocaine?

Internet Pornography - The New Crack Cocaine?

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Kvelve's Comments: Wyo-Ida-Mont is the place to be


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Food for Thought: Managing your critics and yourself

Although nobody likes criticism even when you know you have made a mistake, try to view it as an opportunity rather than a failure. If you do so you will learn a lot.

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Kvelve's Comments: It was quite a week!

Saw a bear, watched a four-point (that’s four points on each side not the tinhorn way of counting all the points and adding them up) in a nose-to-nose standoff with a neighbor’s dog and like most of Sanders Count...

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There's no doubt the Russians are to blame

The most diabolical, evil nation on the planet is behind everything. Blame it all on them, those nasty, notorious….Russians.

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Hot Springs resident opposes LR-130

I am writing to encourage voters to vote no on LR-130 because it prohibits local governments from prohibiting or penalizing vagrancy.

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Food for Thought: What to do about hoarding behavior

Last week I wrote about the reasons people save unnecessary items and how clutter can rule their lives.

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Missoula pediatrician supports Tranel for PSC post

As COVID 19 cases rise in Montana, we are all grappling with decisions that will impact the way forward for our families and children.

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Voting by mail just not appealing

Since I was 18 back in 1972 and had the wonderful experience of voting for the first time, other than voting for myself as 5th grade class president, I have never missed a general election.

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Hoarding Behavior - Are You Guilty?

Most of us know someone or maybe we ourselves are guilty of saving “stuff” we really have no practical need for, or will never use.

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Plains resident supports Fielder for Public Service Commission

Jennifer Fielder is a hard working woman of great integrity who will not be swayed by slick talking lobbyists or by company people.

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St. Regis man supports Simon for county commissioner

I would like to voice my support for Duane Simons, Republican candidate for Mineral County Commissioner.

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Alberton resident likes Magone for Senate District 7

One choice I’d encourage you to make is Diane Magone for Senate District 7.

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Superior resident vouches for Senate candidate Magone

I have known Diane Magone for over 50 years. We both grew up in Superior, and she was always a close personal friend. I can vouch for Diane’s honesty, integrity, and work ethic.